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5 CJIS Compliance Tools

1A.   HBS CJIS Policies Letter
1B.   2013 HBS CJIS 1 Page Executive Summary
2A.   CJIS Security Policy v5.1
2B.   CJIS Security Policy v5.1-Requirements Document
3.   2012 Pre-Audit Technical Security Questionnaire
4.   The Manual Authentication Process vs HBS Hosted Solution
5.   RSA, 2FA, Entrust & Hosted CJIS Solutions

FBI CJIS Security Policy Mandates Advanced Authentication

Heartland Business Systems has a dedicated CJIS team, focusing on Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, along with solutions to help police departments, municipalities and courts comply with the CJIS requirements. Heartland can consult and assist you with compliance and Advance Authentication requirements for CJIS version 5.1.



Section 5.6 CJIS Security Policy Area 6– Identification and Authentication The requirement to use or not use AA is dependent upon the physical, personnel and technical security controls associated with the user location. For example, AA shall not be required for users requesting access to CJI from within the perimeter of a physically secure location (Section 5.9), when the technical security controls have been met (Section 5.5 and 5.10). Conversely, if the technical security controls have not been met AA shall be required even if the request for CJI originates from within a physically secure location. Section provides agencies with a decision tree to help guide AA decisions. (Advanced Authentication Policy and Rationale)


Does this requirement apply to you?

All police departments, municipalities, courts and anyone requiring access to the CJIS Database needs to be compliant in 2013.

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2013 CJIS Compliance:

Increase Police I.T. Security Best Practices - NetMotion, 2FA, RSA, Entrust and Hosted CJIS

Evaluated and Approved by CEO Entrust Security - Bill Conner:

“Our partnership with Heartland Business Systems is a critical step that will enable these agencies to easily and cost-effectively comply with the FBI’s CJIS policy.”

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