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  • HIPAA Risk Assessments
    Progressing Healthcare, Protecting Patient Information


    HIPAA Risk Assessments
    Progressing Healthcare, Protecting Patient Information

    A risk assessment is a key requirement for obtaining and maintaining your HIPAA compliance. OCR audits have shown that many organizations do not complete risk assessments or do not conduct a true risk assessment. For these reasons, the risk assessment has become a significant focus during a HIPAA audit.

    Benefits of HIPAA Risk Assessments conducted by HBS:

    We have extensive experience with the HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

    Our experienced professionals are familiar with a number of risk assessment methodologies and can help you define which approach best meets your organization’s needs.

    We can help ensure your organization’s compliance efforts proceed quickly.

    We evaluate your existing IT controls. This allows you to focus your time and money on addressing gaps instead of redoing what already works.

    Our Compliance Assessment Methodology and Deliverables:

    We utilize tools which have been proven to be efficient and effective to perform professional quality HIPAA risk assessments.

    We utilize experienced professionals who are knowledgeable in the areas of IT Security and the HIPAA regulations. We ‘think outside the box’ and provide creative and effective solutions to economically manage your compliance with the HIPAA regulations and required risk assessment.

    We believe your team is an extremely valuable resource to define your current HIPAA compliance posture. We work closely with you to define your current environment and develop solutions that best fit your business needs and culture.

    Detailed reports with recommendations for your team, Executive Management reports and HIPAA Compliance Assessment reports for your clients.

    Connect with HBS to schedule your complimentary HIPAA Risk Assessment

  • Revenue Management Consulting
    From the Back Office to the Bottom Line


    Revenue Management Consulting
    From the Back Office to the Bottom Line

    Clinics and hospitals today are facing emerging payment models and successfully adapting to reduced reimbursement in a changing healthcare environment. The teams from Avastone Health Solutions and HBS can assist your organization in preparing for the future by helping you transform current state into a ”patient focused” revenue cycle. Our services include denial sourcing, documentation improvement, audit response, revenue cycle SWOT metric and scorecard development; and total revenue cycle optimization from the back office to the bottom line.

  • Strategic Healthcare Consulting
    Healthcare & Business go Hand-in-Hand


    Strategic Healthcare Consulting
    Healthcare & Business go Hand-in-Hand

    The teams from HBS and Avastone Health Solutions provide strategic business solutions for hospitals, clinics, health plans and other healthcare industry stakeholders. We offer strategic guidance and solutions on operational business areas including revenue cycle, HIPAA privacy and security, telehealth strategies and business intelligence. Through customized, 360-degree solutions, we help clients optimize net revenue, implement regulatory provisions, improve patient satisfaction, and leverage technology for greater efficiency and outcomes.

    Our expertise includes revenue cycle and emerging payment models; compliance, coding and billing; HIPAA privacy and security; quality measurement and meaningful use; risk management, data and information governance; and other critical pieces of the health ecosystem. 

    Our industry experts are deeply embedded within critical industry organizations, including AHIMA, MGMA, HIMSS, HCCA, WEDI, HFMA, and others, which provide clients real-time, modern day insights.

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