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Protect what matters most with Physical Security, Access Control, and Cyber-Security from HBS.

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HBS offers Readiness, Response and Technology Integration for workplace security, life safety and cyber-security.

  • Physical Security
    and Access Control

    Physical Security
    and Access Control

    As a trusted partner, we recognize response time, preparing staff and saving lives is top of mind for businesses, schools and organizations of all shapes and sizes.

    HBS provides design, procurement, and implementation services to help customers stay on top of what matters most – protecting their employees, students and/or customers.

    We combine Video Surveillance and IT experience to deliver best in class IP-based solutions for Surveillance and Access Control. Our full service IP Video Surveillance offering includes all of the key components required to build and implement the proper solution -- a proven approach built around open platform solutions, allowing customers to pick and choose the best of breed products for surveillance and access control that best align to their environment and budget.

    Physical Security Solutions

    • Building Access Control / Door and Panel Installations
    • Video Surveillance Systems / Camera Installations

    Physical Security Services

    • Consulting & Design
    • Product Procurement
    • Technology & System Integration for System Management

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  • Vulnerability Assessments
    External and Internal

    Vulnerability Assessments
    External and Internal

    Cyber-attacks often take advantage of unnoticed security weaknesses.   

    Vulnerabilities likely exist on both internal and external networks with new threats discovered every day. HBS offers Vulnerability Assessments to support everything from a one-time assessment to an automated, regularly scheduled security scan.

    HBS Vulnerability Assessments are designed to help identify network, system, and application layer vulnerabilities. HBS provides customers with a comprehensive security report summarizing recommendations of root causes with broader, long-term solutions.

    HBS Data Security Solutions:

    • Vulnerability Assessments
    • Vulnerability vs Penetration Assessments
    • Consulting and Technology Integration Design

  • Network Security
    For 2016

    Network Security
    For 2016

    Better network security means better business. Extend security everywhere to protect your network, your data, and your organization.

    Narrow the Window of Opportunity for Attackers
    Attackers have days, months, or even longer to plan their campaigns. They are launching the most profitable attacks in history. Cisco provides thorough threat intelligence and trend analyses so you can understand the challenges you must overcome in the digital landscape.

    Report highlights include:

    • The growth in potent attacks like ransomware
    • What is giving attackers more time to operate
    • Common vulnerabilities list
    • Protect your assets faster
    • Updates on the "time to detection" arms race

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