Top Three Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Dynamics GP

February 17, 2020

Some capabilities have been in Dynamics GP for so long that they are overlooked by experienced and new users alike. 

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Some capabilities have been in Dynamics GP for so long that they are overlooked by experienced and new users alike. Let's look at three of them:

  1. Keyboard shortcuts

  2. "System Date"

  3. Letter writing assistant.

Keyboard Shortcuts

On most GP windows, the words on the "buttons"; have one letter underlined:

That underline means that by holding the control (ctrl) key and pressing that character, you select that button. This may be far faster than placing your hand on the mouse, moving it around and eventually clicking on the button.  You can read more about these when you are in Dynamics GP by pressing F1 and entering the search “keyboard shortcuts”.

“System Date”

The “system date” for Dynamics GP displays in the lower left corner of the main window, along with the company and user name:

When you first log into Dynamics GP, that date is set to the current computer date and most users never change it. It serves as the default date when entering transactions.  In the “old days” it was more common that yesterday’s transactions were entered in batch and this avoided overlooking changing the date, especially at the beginning of a new month. In Dynamics GP today, the AFA (Advanced Financial Analysis) determines the “current month” using the Dynamics GP system date.  At year-end, payroll will also look at that date. If you have run the payroll year-end but your Dynamics GP system date is in December, you can’t run a January dated payroll (you need to change your system date to a January date).

Letter Writing Assistant

When you need to send a letter to a customer, from the customer window you can use the “Write Letters” button.

This allows you to use a previously created Word template to very quickly create a letter merging in the customer’s address information. Since it displays in Word, you can further tweak it before using the “share” feature in Word to e-mail the customer (or go “old school” and actually print the letter and USPS mail it). The same capability exists for vendors and employees. 


Al Schuette
About the Author

Al Schuette
Senior ERP Consultant

Al brings his experience as a computer programmer, information technology manager, business consultant, and entrepreneur/business owner to his clients. He has been active in the manufacturing sector throughout his career and holds an APICS certification in integrated resources management.  He has worked extensively with a variety of wholesale distributors and enjoys helping clients implement improvements in their supply chain and inventory management.  Al has extensive expertise in assisting organizations that currently are, or wish to, utilize job Project Accounting within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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