SQL Health Check

Every environment can benefit from the support, intervention, and remediation of a team of experts. HBS provides the reliability, security, and efficiency you need.

Every system is unique, and so are the settings that define health and efficiency. After a complete review of your current system, HBS will present our findings and recommendations. Further intervention, based on the chosen level of assessment and action plan, may include any of the following tasks:


Through review and verification of hardware and software integrity, updates, and stability, HBS will optimize your system based on your environment.

Establishing Benchmark Measures

Utilizing our core monitoring techniques, we compare best practices, optimal performance metrics, and key performance indicators to the results of your assessment. With the measures captured during the assessment, we establish baselines and demonstrate performance, stability, improvements, and efficiencies.

Setting Up Database Maintenance

Based on the understanding of your specific environment,HBS will guide you through the setup of a plan that outlines how often Health Checks should take place, the tools, and utilities that will best monitor and record your system health, and the reporting methods utilized to alert you to changes in performance, activity, or defined metrics.

Performance Optimization Tuning

Our experienced professionals optimize your environment by enhancing data availability, server performance, network communication, storage stability, and data retention strategies.

SQL Health Check Outcomes


Increased likelihood of recovery in the event of data corruption, system disaster or other general disaster scenarios.


Improved general health of your environment. 


Enjoy the benefits of an environment that consistently performs according to expectations.


Maintain functionality as your environment changes in size, volume, resources or physical locations.

Value of the SQL Health Check Assessment

Best Practices​

Educate the customer on Microsoft best practices for administering SQL.

Current State Analysis​

Analysis of the environment to understand the current state of operation​.

Technology Partnership​

Understand how HBS can work to support your current and future needs.

Potential Diagnosis​

Potentially diagnose possible and existing critical issues that are causing interruption and/or performance issues.

Identify Remediation Efforts​

Gather the scope of efforts to remediate any existing configuration issues and/or concerns​.

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HBS is uniquely positioned with a team of qualified engineers partnered with our database administrators to support our customers. Our team works arm in arm with engineers to review and manage customers' environments, whether on-prem or in the cloud. We support customers' infrastructure, data environment, and licensing all within HBS with experienced engineers and DBAs.

Consult, Assess and Design

Your organization is unique. Whether your environment is simple, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve helped organizations like yours. We will assess your environment and your needs to provide the best solution.

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We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of skilled experts is invested in understanding your needs in order to provide innovative and practical customized solutions.

Manage and Support

Our relationship-focused approach means that we care about your organization and your success. We love to talk about and implement the newest technology, but we are equally committed to managing and supporting existing environments.

"From business analysis to steady-state support, HBS was an invaluable strategic partner during our SharePoint implementation and key to the success of our project for our health agency."

Michael A. Yanez, IT Manager

DuPage County Health Department