Multi-Factor Authentication

Gain an extra layer of protection with Multi-Factor Authentication.

While you are busy running your organization, cybercriminals are attempting to exploit weaknesses. One approach utilized by cybercriminals is purchasing email and contact lists for phishing and other attack methods. Exploiting even a few weak, default or stolen passwords make their efforts worthwhile. With a scalable, verified, secure solution from HBS, you can quickly achieve your security goals while retaining a positive user experience.

Through a modern MFA solution from HBS, you will have confidence that users are who they say they are by utilizing two pieces of authentication evidence instead of a single password.

MFA implementations are not created equal. When not done well, an implementation can add large overhead administrative efforts, cause poor user experiences that impact productivity and create high ongoing support costs. Partner with HBS to avoid these pitfalls through a solution suited to your needs created with an understanding of the impact on your organization.

Multi-Factor Authentication Benefits

Secure All Applications

Secure all on-premises and cloud applications with MFA.

Verify End User Identities

Use advanced technologies that help you validate that the user is who they say they are with minimal inconvenience to the user.

Quickly Deploy, at Scale

Deploy at scale and with minimal infrastructure.

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