COVID Relief Funding for Education & Government

April 7th, 2021 - 9:00 AM CST

Join Fortinet and Heartland Business Systems (HBS) on April 7th for a detailed discussion on making the most of your available CARES Act I and CARES Act II (CRRSA Act) funding. Secure remote or online learning, telework, and prepare your network for the influx of devices when people return to facilities.

This Webinar Will Discuss:

  • American Rescue Plan (Biden Stimulus)
  • The “New Normal,” How Technology & Cyber Risks Are Impacted
  • Details on CARES Act I & CARES Act II (CRRSA Act) Funding & Timelines
  • Technologies Covered Under CARES Act I & CARES Act II (CRRSA Act)
  • Which Technologies To Choose For Securing Remote/Hybrid Learning & Telework
  • How Fortinet Can Help Right NOW With Our “Try & Buy” Program

Educational institutions are often the target of cyberattacks but have limited resources to deploy in defending against them. As of February 10th, 2021, there have been over 1,139 successful K12 attacks alone, spanning over all 50 states. Attracting and retaining skilled cybersecurity talent is an ongoing struggle. The pressure on IT and security experts in educational & government institutions to provide solutions to do more with less are constantly increasing. Effectively leverage your resources to safeguard your institution from becoming one of the all too common statistics with the help of Fortinet.


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