Physical Security for the Hybrid Workplace

HBS Online Seminar: Thursday, May 20, 2021 - 10:30 AM, CDT


As companies are readying for a return to the workplace, a new physical security challenge is emerging: a hybrid workforce. Your security focus must now be split between your physical locations and the many mobile locations and networks your employees are utilizing.

Now is the perfect time review and assess your policies and procedures to ensure you are considering real-time threats and your personnel, facilities, critical data, and confidential information are protected.

Physical Security for the Hybrid Workplace is a virtual event organized by Heartland Business Systems. This one-day multi-session event will cover best-practices and solutions which include: Video Surveillance, Cabling, Door Access & Access Control, Paging & Mass Notification, Integration & Analytics.

Sessions from the following sponsors will be announced shortly.

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