Item Resource Planning in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Al Schuette / December 18, 2018
Item Resource Planning in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Sometimes You Just Don't Know

We recently started supporting a new client with a fairly complex Microsoft Dynamics GP manufacturing implementation up and running.  One of their early questions was why the item defaults they setup were not populating when they setup a new item/site combination.

After quickly verifying that the feature still worked properly in one of our Dynamics GP 2018 R2 installs, and verifying that it in fact didn’t work for the client, we settled in to blame third party products.  Trouble is after removing all third party products from the Dynamics.set, the feature still didn’t work.

Ah, turns out the client had a modified item resource planning window.  So we quickly changed the ID to load the standard Dynamics GP window only.  Perplexingly, the feature still didn’t work.

No longer as confident (or smug), we got down to the “hard work” of logging and comparing script files between the “working” and “not working” systems.  In going through them, I noticed references to ivRPItemSiteMnt. Clicking on the "planning” button, I found myself looking at a window I’d never found to be of use to any of my clients (the Resource Planning Site Maintenance window).

After a little testing, I learned that the existence of a Site Resource Planning record (in the IV00111) OVERRODE the item defaults that would normally come from the Item Resource Planning default record (in the IV00102). Though it strikes us as “opposite” of how Dynamics GP defaults normally work (system default accounts being overridden by class account defaults, for instance), we now know that Site resource planning default trump Item resource planning defaults.  

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Al Schuette
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Al Schuette
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Al brings his experience as a computer programmer, information technology manager, business consultant, and entrepreneur/business owner to his clients. He has been active in the manufacturing sector throughout his career and holds an APICS certification in integrated resources management.  He has worked extensively with a variety of wholesale distributors and enjoys helping clients implement improvements in their supply chain and inventory management.  Al has extensive expertise in assisting organizations that currently are, or wish to, utilize job Project Accounting within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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