Microsoft Slang for SharePoint

Kelly Grosskreutz / December 11, 2018
Microsoft Slang for SharePoint

Slang words have been a hallmark of modern culture for many generations. These words arise out of social situations, lend themselves to informal communication, and have been used to quickly establish a bond between peers who use the same vocabulary.

The Microsoft tech community is no different. The Office 365 platform has given Microsoft groupies a few new terms to throw around the water cooler to make each other smile and give some color to new icons in the platform.

The next time you need to quickly foster a bond with your local Microsoft techie, try these terms on for size and see how quickly they respond to your Microsoft speak!


If you’ve done anything in any version of SharePoint, you should know and use this term. It’s pretty much a hallmark of the SharePoint platform. So, what is a breadcrumb? It’s the navigation string that leads you back to your base starting point, typically it shows the starting site and the list or library you’ve navigated to within the site. In SharePoint Online, breadcrumbs mostly appear now within the context of a Document Library.



This one is a little more well know in the wider web world but the menu button that appears on mobile views of navigation drop downs is nicknamed the hamburger. These three lines appear in SharePoint on small screen and mobile devices to hide away your navigation to provide more onscreen space for content. However, you can click on it to use the navigation to still move easily around your site.



No, this term is not a poke at wish-washy decision-making. Instead, it is a fun alternative to the term “App Launcher”. When training a new group of SharePoint users, this a term I use liberally for 2 reasons. #1 it wakes people up and catches their attention/imagination during a training session in a far less jarring way than, say, throwing a snack-size kit kat at them (just sayin’) and #2 it immediately resonates with users in a way that “App Launcher” does not – end users quickly retain that nugget of info and almost instantaneously train their brains to look to the top left corner of the screen when the term Waffle is used.



Otherwise awkwardly referenced to as the “sideways ellipsis” or, more formally, the “show actions” document menu, this little gem injects some more fun (and a healthy dose of eye-rolling from your less playful users) into your SharePoint talk-track. Referring to this menu as the “snowman” is another great way to help people remember an option that users typically don’t see or dare to click on, but holds the key to powerful additional functions in your document library.



Yes, this a real thing, I could not make this one up. “Eyelashes” refers to the new item icon that Microsoft introduced with the launch of the Modern experience. Gone are the days when you’d have that friendly “New!” icon next to every new list item or recently added document. Instead, now new items are denoted with a little starburst of the top left corner of the title… or, more aptly named, eyelashes.


Drop these slang terms into your next Office 365 discussion and you’ll quickly catch people’s attention and increase your tech street cred!

Kelly Grosskreutz
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Kelly Grosskreutz
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Kelly has been a self-proclaimed Microsoft enthusiast for over a decade, spending most of her time as a SharePoint groupie. Her background ranges from global SharePoint collaboration implementations to Skype for Business telephony replacement, and – of late – expansion into the Microsoft Dynamics toolset. Kelly now leads the growing Business Productivity practice at Heartland Business Systems where the team specializes in delighting customers with technology solutions that simplify their lives, streamline processes, and inject a spark of innovation into their daily routines.

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