Microsoft Teams Replaces Skype for Business

Drew Poggemann / December 06, 2018
Microsoft Teams Replaces Skype for Business
In response to Microsoft's announcement that Office 365 customers with 500 seats or less would be onboarded to Microsoft Teams and not have access to Skype for Business Online, we ask Drew Poggemann, MCSE, MCSA, P-SSP his thoughts on the topic: 

"Microsoft is continuing to focus on delivering a consolidated collaboration platform with Microsoft Teams.  I am excited for what this product will offer long term in the area of a single communication platform to share information 1v1 and in team environments.  I sat through a great session at Microsoft Ignite this year where they announced a number of tight integrations between Dynamics 365 and Teams that are really exciting and continue to make this platform stronger and stronger and remove the context switching between applications. 

As far as Microsoft Teams being ready to replace Skype for Business, I am a bit skeptical.  The features are still not on parity with each other that I can see.  A few areas I have had challenges with include:
  1. Sharing Desktop in a 1v1 chat
  2. Federated chat with an external user to your organization (works in Skype for Business but do not see this ability in Teams yet)
  3. Challenges with communicating within a Teams environment with users across multiple organizations.  If I belong to a team in my current organization and a team in another organization I need to switch complete context to the other tenant which is a challenging user experience.  The only way to really solve this is to open two web versions of teams logged into the different tenants to communicate real-time with both.
  4. Some of these features seem basic to me and I am hoping Microsoft will provide resolutions soon to keep the momentum going!  I am very excited for what we have been able to accomplish with Teams so far and I know it will continue to get better and better."
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Drew Poggemann
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Drew Poggemann, MCSE, MCSA, P-SSP
Director of Solution Architecture

Drew has developed application solutions for over the past 20 years with great teams working across a number of different programming languages, technology frameworks, and deployment methodologies. Drew's background ranges from implementing high performance optimization solutions utilizing in-memory structures, working with teams to build e-commerce and master data management products, implementing an enterprise class ERP solution, developing web delivery framework utilizing open source components, and to most recently working with a strong team of consultants to build and deliver solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies. 

Drew's background spans functional, technical and leadership arenas and his greatest joy comes from leading excellent teams to deliver solutions across a wide variety of technologies and verticals focusing on customer needs first!

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