Auto Deposit Cash Receipts - New Feature as of Dynamics GP 2016

Jo deRuiter / February 08, 2018
Auto Deposit Cash Receipts - New Feature as of Dynamics GP 2016
By now, a good many GP Customers have upgraded to GP 2016. There is a new feature available in GP 2016 that many of you will find very useful and time-saving.

If your process when receiving cash in the Sales Module is to deposit all the checks from a given batch into your bank at the same time, then are you in luck!

In GP 2016 you have the capabilities of doing 1-step depositing to the bank module! Now, I know that this "feature" appeared in earlier versions but that, when posted it created a single deposit and did not combine the deposits into what was taken to the bank.

That changes in GP2016.  

To enable the feature, go to Administration>Company>Options and scroll down a bit to mark off the last option "Automatically Post Cash Receipts"

Click "Okay" and "Okay" and then start saving some time!

Now, go ahead and deposit your receipts into a batch and when you post it in the Sales Module it will automatically show up in the Bank Module - No more duplicating effort!

Here is the batch in Receivables for the Cash Receipts:

And, here you can see where the batch of two different receipts were combined into the one bank deposit in the bank module!

The only caveat t this is that the deposit will always hit the bank module as of the system date of your Dynamics GP.  


Jo deRuiter
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