6 Reasons Why It's Time to Re-Think Your Workplace

John Kring / February 18, 2020
6 Reasons Why It's Time to Re-Think Your Workplace

These days, your business cannot afford to stand still. Digital transformation is about more than keeping up with the latest technologies. It’s really about business transformation using modern solutions to connect and inform your teams like never before. 

When business transformation becomes a reality, productivity soars and the results (and returns) can be dramatic. Still skeptical? 

These 6 major benefits of a modern workplace will motivate you to get started! Download our Re-Think Your Workplace eBooks  for even more inspiring tips for both business leaders and IT professionals.

  1. More Infrastructure Options: If you haven’t looked at the newest cloud offerings recently, you may be surprised. The cloud has matured and now offers more affordable and powerful services than ever before. You can choose the infrastructure that best aligns to your company’s goals and even SMBs can start taking advantage of machine learning, IoT, and artificial intelligence.
  2. Escalate Security Resolve: Leading cloud solution providers (CSPs) take security seriously. They understand that increased mobility requires protection against data leakages and evolving threats. Tools such as identity management ensure that only the right people have access to your apps and data. CSPs provide sophisticated methods to protect, detect, and respond to security attacks—which many SMBs can’t afford. Given the level of their investments and depth of their experience, it’s one of the most effective ways to secure your company.
  3. Simplify Regulatory Compliance: Are you finding it challenging to control and manage your company's data? The cloud helps you manage, track, and protect your data so you can meet evolving compliance requirements. Whether responding to audits, inquiries, or assessments, the cloud offers intelligent discovery and compliance tools.
  4. Inspire Teammate Productivity: Your job is to arm your teammates with secure, connected productivity apps that are easy to use and are accessible both in and out of the office. When teams can connect and collaborate in real-time, they are more productive. When manual processes are automated, teammates can reduce wasted time and can focus on more strategic and productive work.
  5.  Modernize Communication: The more dispersed your teammates and customers are, the more you need secure, free-flowing communications. When your teams are connected and engaged with one another, you can hold more effective meetings (from anywhere in the world), support a culture of teamwork, and improve customer connections. 
  6. Teammate Engagement: You want to hire and retain the best talent who can take your business into the future. Those same teammates want to work in an innovative environment where their contributions count. Modern apps and tools ensure that they don’t waste their time on routine tasks. Engaged teammates also want to connect to each other and their communities. Modern apps create the opportunity to crowdsource ideas, share best practices, and drive new business as a team.


Re-Think Your Workplace with a Strategic Partner

How can you keep pace with the new demands of your customers, employees, and business partners? By working with an experienced digital transformation partner. Now is the time to re-think your workplace and HBS is here to help. 

Enjoy the eBook and when you are ready to explore options for a modern workplace, contact us to connect with our experienced business consultants and technical engineers.

John Kring
About the Author
John Kring, VP of Applications Services, is a strategic business and technology leader with over 25 years of experience in various functional areas, across numerous industries, understanding a diverse set of technologies. He has extensive experience aligning Microsoft solutions to clients' business needs. John has championed vibrant workplace cultures to create passionate and engaged associates providing a sustainable, competitive advantage. With proven leadership abilities, he collaboratively builds shared vision and purpose, influencing change across the organization and empowering growth. 
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