Leverage Power BI to Analyze Microsoft 365 Usage

Josh Marek / February 20, 2020
Leverage Power BI to Analyze Microsoft 365 Usage
Each month, Microsoft makes changes to their applications and releases new features. This month was a good month for Microsoft 365 and Power BI!  Microsoft made some big changes to the Power BI environment that will not only help people already using this business intelligence and analytics tool, but provide deep insight into Microsoft 365 apps and services usage. This new Power BI template will give users insight to the usage and adoption of Microsoft 365 services and applications like Teams, Groups, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and a few others. 

Some companies may not have gotten into Microsoft 365 environment too heavily at this point, and while others are looking at ways that to help drive adoption of the tools that are rolled out. This new template in Power BI can help companies in both scenarios.

What is Microsoft 365?
Microsoft 365 is a bundled solution that contains the:
  • productivity of Office 365 ProPlus,
  • intelligent security and compliance features of Enterprise Mobility + Security,
  • and the innovative experience of Windows 10 Upgrade.
Microsoft 365 is licensed through the Cloud Solution Provider subscription model with HBS. For more information on Microsoft 365, visit www.hbs.net/re-think.
Not using Microsoft 365 yet? 
If you have not fully immersed yourself into Microsoft 365, this Power BI template report will give users insight on any Microsoft cloud applications officially, and unofficially, deployed at your organization.  For example, if your IT team has formally rolled out Teams, yet suspect users are still using Skype… this report will verify. 
Fully submersed in Microsoft 365?
The Power BI template is perfect tool for organizations looking for ways to increase user adoption of all aspects of Microsoft 365, as well as understand how it is going in your current environment setup. The template can not only help you see what people are using, but also tell you how many people in your organization are using it. With this data, administrators can then find out why people are not using the deployed solutions as designed, thus strategize revised adoption techniques. 

Not familiar with Power BI? 
For some organizations, deploying this template may also be your first time stepping into the world of Power BI or maybe even Business Intelligence itself. For others you may be well versed in Power BI or other BI platforms and are just looking to expand the capabilities you can offer as an organization. By using this template in either scenario, it is a good way to not only see what Power BI can do for you, but to move your BI journey further down the road to helping you make data driven decisions. 

With all that said about Power BI and Microsoft 365, it might not be something you feel comfortable jumping into, or you just don’t know how to get started. Heartland Business Systems can help. We can help you get into the Microsoft 365 platform by building strategies around the tools and adoptions. With Power BI, we can help you get started or to help define a path or strategy to follow to move your organization forward.
Either way Microsoft continues to make great strides in not only Power BI and their cloud offerings but also helping the companies out there move their businesses forward with the right tools.
Josh Marek
About the Author
Josh Marek is an experienced Senior Data Solutions Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He is skilled as a database analyst, data architect, data developer and data analyst. He has focused his career with business intelligence and analytics and leverages Microsoft Power BI to produce visualization to tell a story that enables the end users to easily consume the data that is being presented.
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