P(IT) Crew: How a Managed IT Service can monitor, maintain and optimize your SMB

Jason Nuss / December 02, 2016
P(IT) Crew: How a Managed IT Service can monitor, maintain and optimize your SMB

After a long day at the office, you get into your car, only to be confronted with a dead battery. With a few short cuts and extra cranks on the ignition, the engine finally turns over and you head home. As you drive your familiar route, you see it begins to rain. Windshield wipers come on, but as your luck would have it today, the worn blade you were to replace last week spears the salty rainwater across your windshield. The crappy visibility barrels you into a pothole the size of a small pond, and you limp home to a small shimmy. You soldier on, merging onto the freeway to then a DING for an almost empty fuel tank. On this day, “E” stands for ENOUGH as you make it to your drive way, but not without one last dagger for the day, a check engine light dings as you prepare to shut down the car for the night.

As you enter the house you are greeted with smiles and hugs from your kids. Kick your feet up, fireplace, cocktail, putting this day behind you. You have dinner, help with homework and head off to bed.  As your head hits the pillow, it is safe to say that your car issues are the furthest thing from you mind. 

You wake up the next morning, get ready and head out to the garage. You open the door and there’s your car LOOKING LIKE NEW!!!  What the?

Little did you know, as soon as you closed the garage door the night before, a pit crew rivaling those of NASCAR showed up and got to work. They filled your car with gas, changed the oil, fixed the shimmy, replaced the wipers, and did a full, 40-point maintenance check.

Sound good???  Well, this is the experience a fully managed IT service can feel like for a midsize business. A “pit crew” of sorts, works behind the scenes to make sure your IT systems are running in tiptop shape.  Your servers and network equipment are monitored and maintained 24x7 by the Network Operations Center.  Critical files and systems are backed up and verified.  Your computers are patched, virus definitions updated, and your hard drives cleaned and optimized.  If an issue arises, you pick up the Bat Phone for unlimited access to the Help Desk.  

To top it off, think of an IT Pit Crew as a virtual CIO or IT department working for you around the clock. As larger issues or strategic initiatives surface, the IT Pit Crew can guide you with tough decisions so you can focus on the more important aspects of running a business.

Sound interesting? This is happening today in our industry all over the country. Small and mid-size businesses now have access to the same level of engineering talent and resources as the larger companies. They “let go” of what historically had been tactical, to allow them to focus on the strategic aspects of their business.

In my next post I’ll share a few excellent examples of how businesses are embracing this model.

Jason Nuss
About the Author

Jason Nuss
Director of Managed Services

Jason has over 20 years of experience in the Networking and Telecommunications Industry working on both the contractor and manufacturer side of the business.  Jason’s focus at HBS is to bring innovative solutions to our clients for a manageable monthly fee. In his role, Jason oversees what we do with in our Data Center, Network Operations Center, and Customer Helpdesk. 

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