Price Curve of Solid State Disks (SSDs) Fueling Push to Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Michael Gauthier / November 21, 2016
Price Curve of Solid State Disks (SSDs) Fueling Push to Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

The price of SSD storage is dropping faster than anyone expected and the benefits in capabilities are driving more use cases to embrace HCI. First point, the current price and projected pricing of SSD. New flash technology is driving dramatic increases in the capacity of SSDs causing their price premium to actually be competitive and potentially below that of spinning drives.
Check out what was new last year and is now hitting enterprise class storage:  

Even at the estimated $7,000 (more current estimate) it is less expensive than the equivalent in spinning drives. This year a much larger drive makes the news:

...and Toshiba not to be out done announced a 100TB SSD:
With SSD becoming inevitable the question becomes what to do with all that capability. The answer is more than simply improving performance. For many performance isn’t the most significant problem. Operational complexity, ever expanding services, and difficulty meeting disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) needs are more pressing needs. This picture sums it up.

This is where HCI comes in with the value of simplifying a virtualized server environment. Reducing complexity of what you already have enabling you to add the “complexity” of the new demands from departments like additional applications, cloud integration, etc.
HCI initially deployed with a little SSD to enable it targeted high value workloads and has expanded to encompass larger segments of the market. Now also available in all SSD versions and including features like replication, backup, and restore brings more value to the table.
For many situations the questions becomes when do we go HCI and SSD rather than if.

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