The Death of ASDM

Bill Wright / October 26, 2016
The Death of ASDM

Do you hate constantly having to run outdated Java just to run your old antiquated ASDM software?  Or better yet how about not being able to update your base operating system for fear of Java no longer working to support your firewall?  Over the years, software that requires the use of Java to run has been a thorn in many an administrators side.  We’ve all been there, stand up that VM and load it with Windows 98, running Java 5.0 and IE 6 and don’t touch it because it’s the ONLY way to manage that device on the network.
The days of Java based applications are slowly starting to dwindle in favor of constructs such as HTML5 which allow administrators to manage their devices using almost any flavor of web browser the administrator prefers.  Top tier browsers such as Firefox, IE, Safari and Chrome.  Although Cisco has been gaining ground with their new Sourcefire management software FireSIGHT Management Center (FMC) Cisco has finally re-engineered their on-box management web UI for their new Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) offering.   Firepower Threat Defense is the new unified image offering that will soon over take the traditional IOS software that has been running on Cisco ASA’s since the initial ASA product launch.   With this new Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) image we will now have access to Firepower Device Manager which is the newly unveiled Web UI for the Cisco NGFW offering. 
New look and feel when using Firepower Device Manager:
 Same familiar CLI view when troubleshooting:

Write security policies directly on the new FTD firewall with the ability to add application, web content or file policies directly to the rule sets:

Real time connection events:

Firepower Device Manager is still in the beginning stages, with the target audience being Small/Medium Business (SMB) shops that are looking for an easily deployable firewall with the security prowess that offers the same protection as the enterprise class firewalls.   With both FDM and FMC Cisco still has some ground to make up to reach the same maturity levels as some of their competitors but with the ground their gaining and the continuous effort and development into the Firepower Threat Defense offering I have no doubt Cisco will again be a dominant player in the NGFW space.

Bill Wright
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Bill Wright
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Bill Wright is the Cisco Security Subject Matter Expert for Heartland Business Systems and also holds active CCIE Security and CISSP certifications.  Bill has 9+ years in the network consulting industry.  Experienced in design architecture, implementation, support, project management and administration of network environments. 

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