Script Errors in Dynamics 365 Portals App

Tyler Hoffmann / October 01, 2019
Script Errors in Dynamics 365 Portals App
While I was working on building out one of my first Dynamics 365 portals, I noticed that the editors on various pages weren’t behaving the way I expected. I I also was receiving script errors on these pages. For example, if I were to attempt to create a new Web Page from within the Dynamics 365 Portals app, I would see an error stating “One of the scripts for this record has caused an error.” and “Web resource method does not exist: adx.adx_webpage.loadResources.” 

Variations of this error were appearing throughout the entire application and I was certain it wasn’t meant to be behaving this way.

Portals have been out for a while so I thought this was very strange and it was hindering my progress on the build out of this particular portal so I needed to get to the bottom of it. After digging through the contents of the script error, doing some googling, and finally some general troubleshooting with Chrome’s developer tools I noticed that specific scripts were being blocked from loading.

Why were these scripts being blocked?!

Turns out that the ad blocker I had installed on Google Chrome had been blocking the file from loading because it just blanket blocked anything suspected to be related to ads. Since Dynamics 365 Portals are built upon a product once known as ADX Studio (notice the “ad” in the name), these scripts had “adx” in their name which resulted in the ad blocker wrongly blocking these portal related scripts from loading.

By whitelisting Dynamics 365 in my ad blocker settings, these scripts were then allowed to load which resulted in the script error going away. Finally the Dynamics 365 Portals app was behaving as expected and I was able to continue building the portal.
Tyler Hoffmann
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Tyler Hoffmann
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Tyler is a software engineer for Heartland Business Systems who works with all aspects of Dynamics 365. As a developer at heart, Tyler specializes in writing .NET and JavaScript customizations for Dynamics 365 and is enjoying getting his hands dirty with PowerApps and Flow. In addition to writing code, Tyler also has extensive experience with the implementation, configuration, and administration of Dynamics 365 and its supporting services. 

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