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IT Support Engineer

Clinton, WI

The IT Support Engineer specializes in service and support for one of Heartland Business Systems clients and its IT systems. The primary duties include working directly with end users to troubleshoot and resolve IT related issues and to support and maintain company IT systems.

Essential Functions

  • Analyze and troubleshoot computer support problems and apply understanding of computer software and hardware products and services to resolve problems of end users.
  • Receive telephone calls and e-mails from end users having problems using computer software and hardware or inquiring how to use specific software, programming languages, electronic mail, or operating systems.
  • Ascertain from computer user the nature of problem, determine whether problem is caused by hardware such as modem, printer, cables, or telephone, formulate diagnosis, and assist users through problem solving steps.
  • Talk with co-workers to research problems and find solutions.
  • Test software and hardware to evaluate ease of use and whether product will aid users in performing work.
  • Write software and hardware evaluations and recommendations for management review.
  • Write or revise user-training manuals and procedures.
  • Train users on software and hardware on-site or in classroom or recommend outside contractors to provide training.
  • Become familiar with and be able to maintain process control equipment
  • Assist with other duties, as assigned.

Position Qualifications

  • Accountability - Ability to accept responsibility and account for his/her actions.
  • Accuracy - Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly.
  • Adaptability - Ability to adapt to change in the workplace.
  • Autonomy - Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Communication - Ability to communicate orally or in writing clearly, concisely, and efficiently.
  • Customer Oriented - Ability to take care of the customers’ needs while following company policy.
  • Detail Oriented - Ability to pay attention to the minute details of a project or task.
  • Efficiency – Ability to perform tasks and resolve issues in a quick and timely fashion.
  • Enthusiastic - Ability to bring energy to the performance of a task.
  • Goal Oriented - Ability to focus on a goal and obtain a pre-determined result.
  • Honesty / Integrity - Ability to be truthful and be seen as credible in the workplace.
  • Organized - Possessing the trait of being organized or following a systematic method.
  • Presentation Skills - Ability to effectively present information publicly.
  • Prioritization – Ability to prioritize tasks based on levels of importance or criticality.
  • Research Skills - Ability to design and conduct a systematic, objective, and critical investigation.
  • Time Management - Ability to utilize the available time to organize and complete work.
  • Working Under Pressure - Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.

Skills & Abilities

  • Education: Associate Degree (two year college or technical school) or enrolled in a four year degree program, preferred.
  • Experience:
    • Six months to a year of related experience.
    • Computer Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7/10, Windows Server 2010/2016/2019
    • Printer and PC/Laptop hardware troubleshooting and repair.
  • Certifications & Licenses: A+ certification preferred
Equal Opportunity Employer - Disabled/Vets