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Network Engineer

Omaha, NE


The Network Engineer will help develop, implement, and support networking related services and solutions for consulting clients. This position will work to build a customer-focused relationship with client to identify business challenges and develop specifications and requirements to arrive at the best solution. 

Essential Functions

  • Work as a member of the HBS network team that provides consultative and proactive project support to HBS’s account base. Contribute to and impacts the assigned customer accounts positively
  • Collaborate across multiple internal teams to ensure successful and timely delivery of the scope of work
  • Contribute to product selection, configuration standards, and best practices and educate the sales team members on these products and services to enhance the sales process
  • Provide support, maintenance, and administration for HBS’s customers
  • Work in a team atmosphere between regional and virtual practices while at all times maintaining a professional and respectful demeanor
  • Provide time estimates and project scopes for systems related projects
  • Maintain current vendor/industry specific certifications and stay current on new products and solutions
  • Minimum of 1,450 hours billed per fiscal year prorated based on start date. These charge hour requirements will be balanced against professional development and on the job training

Position Qualifications

  • Accountability - Ability to accept responsibility and account for his\her actions 
  • Adaptability - Ability to fit into a changing environment 
  • Ambition - Extent that an individual demonstrates drive and initiative in seeking personal advancement or recognition 
  • Decision Making - Selecting an effective course of action while controlling resources and expenditures 
  • Detail Orientated - Ability of an individual to pay meticulous attention to all aspects of a situation or task, no matter how small or seemingly unimportant   
  • Ethical - Ability to be guided by the company’s accepted principles of moral conduct 
  • Organized - Ability of an individual to be structured and methodical in working skills   
  • Persistence - Ability to continue in a course of action in the face of adversity 
  • Technical Aptitude - Ability to relate to topics which require and understanding or specialized knowledge  

Skills & Abilities

Required Experience:
  • 6 months to 1 year in a technical related field, internship, or equivalent  
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
  • Associates degree or equivalent certifications
Preferred Experience:
  • At least one year in a technical related field  
  • Experience working as a consultant  
Equal Opportunity Employer - Disabled/Vets