HBS ERP Assessment Solution

Our ERP Effectiveness Assessment is helping organization’s eliminate workarounds and streamline business processes

A company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems should provide all the information needed throughout your organization. As business processes and needs change over time, workarounds are often created to keep the organization moving. These workarounds can create information gaps that go undetected.  An ERP Effectiveness Assessment helps identify a path to regaining efficiencies and eliminating workarounds. 

The service features:

  • A tailored assessment at manageable price point
  • Experienced business and technical consultants reviewing your key business processes, applications and information flows
  • A deliverable identifying options and strategies to help you make a more education decision on how to proceed

The results of the Assessment vary by each company’s need, but have included improved business processes through:

  • Creating timely integrations
  • Better use or implementing features of existing system
  • Addition of specialized solutions
  • ERP system replacement

Designed to be a low-risk, scalable offering with an entry point as low as $6,000, contact HBS today to get started.  


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