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Learning Spaces Reimagined

Al Brokopp, shares insight on the virtual transformation Monticello School District
experienced in creating a next-generation collaboration environment.

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Create true Back to School excitement with learning and teaching tools from HP.
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Progress At Fast Forward
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K-12 Data Visualization
Enhance Enrollment, Finance and Performance Tracking

Featured K-12 Solutions
How we do it

  • K-12 Data Discovery
    Enhance Enrollment, Finance and Performance Tracking


    K-12 Data Discovery
    Enhance Enrollment, Finance and Performance Tracking

    Improve tracking and reporting of student registrations, examination performance, and workforce effectiveness. Today, data silos prevent a holistic view of program performances and spending; in turn, causing inefficiencies.
    With HBS and Qlik, school districts can now establish a real time view of disparate data resources without waiting for lengthy and exhaustive reports. Data visualization, easy administration, and customized portals for improved data mining and data-based decision making are providing School Boards the data they require, and often ask for, without fuss.
    With HBS and QlikView:

    • Increase insight of student demand for services, timetabling, registrations, examinations and enrollment behaviors
    • Ease administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting
    • Optimize procurement processes to minimize costs
    • Improve people management strategies by providing analysis of workforce planning and effectiveness
    • Increase operational efficiency and lower costs of registration service processes
    • Support estate management analysis

  • K-12 Security
    From Physical to Digital - Progressing Education, Safeguarding Schools


    K-12 Security
    From Physical to Digital - Progressing Education, Safeguarding Schools

    From physical to digital, HBS helps districts deliver the peace-of-mind required for the unique security challenges they face today. The primary charter for any educational system is to create a safe learning environment that prepares students to become productive, contributing members of society, without stifling creativity or the freedom to explore.
    Schools today face some of the most complicated cyber-security challenges ever imagined with numerous regulations and guidelines to follow in order for students, faculty and staff to use technology resources securely.
    While schools continue to face diminishing resources to help manage this complex balance, HBS is doubling-down on security expertise and solution design to help K-12 school districts prepare for tomorrow’s digital natives.
    HBS experts provide broad K-12 insight and the deep technical experience required to keep students safe, buildings secure and the parents and teachers confident.

  • The Digital Classroom
    The Students are in Charge: Go Digital or be Digitally Disrupted


    The Digital Classroom
    The Students are in Charge: Go Digital or be Digitally Disrupted

    Schools searching for answers to the classroom of the future can rely on one key fact: there will be students to teach, protect and nurture. This is for certain.
    What’s not certain are the tools, technologies and resources that’ll be required five years from now. What we do know is any new learning mechanism will require a digital foundation, centralized communication, and mobile enablement. The foundation for the future will depend on the digital platform, integrated communications, virtual learning, 24/7 access, and interactive teaching.
    Today, as district leaders grapple with 1:1, BYOD, flipped classrooms, cyber-security, intruders and a growing landscape of emerging technologies, the consensus is to only budget, integrate and justify what they know is proven for success. HBS is supporting hundreds of K12 districts across the Midwest with strategic planning, leadership, procurement strategies and outcome-based technologies that are impacting student performance, safety and their overall experience.  

Passion for Education

We are inspired daily by the impact our K-12 customers have on future generations. Our job is to enable them with the technologies and digital transformation required to ensure student safety, performance and return on investment.

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