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Success Story
PBC Linear

PBC Linear Web Development

About PBC Linear

PBC Linear is a manufacturer of linear motion technologies.  After a failed attempt to develop and launch an e-commerce site, PBC Linear contacted Heartland Business Systems (HBS) to deliver the website using PBC Linear’s custom website design.  

The Goals

    Key goals for the site were to: 

  • Develop a responsive/mobile friendly site
  • Create a site that would meet PBC Linear’s executive team approval
  • Implement an easy-to-use ecommerce experience
  • Implement the appropriate integrations with payment, shipping gateways, Marketo forms, Site Improve, and PBC Linear’s online configurator
  • Implement SEO-friendly elements and monitoring tools to maintain or improve PBC Linear’s SEO rankings from their old website

The Solution

Working closely with PBC Linear’s marketing department, the graphics pre-approved by PBC Linear’s executive staff were prototyped via an online prototyping tool.  This provided a hands on approach showing the behaviors of the proposed site, navigational elements, and assisted with defining layouts addressing the complexities of PBC Linear’s products. Once the prototype was approved, HBS implemented Kentico as the content management tool, applied the graphics, navigation and developed several custom templates to streamline content entry for the PBC Linear staff.  (Kentico is a leading web content management system used by HBS to build websites, online stores, and community sites.)

Due to the volume of products, HBS added the ability to upload SKU prices, weights, and detail specifications from a .csv file.  Several usability customizations were made to simplify the customer’s experience and the ease by which products and information is accessed on the site.

The PBC Linear site has been “modernized” with a responsive format and a streamlined user experience.  Integrations along with content entry templates have significantly improved the maintainability of the site.  Both front-end and back-end operations are experiencing quick response times due to the Kentico’s efficient engine.  Implementation requirements were met due to Heartland’s ability to prototype, build and customize the Kentico software.

The Happy Customer

Dominick Doyle, Global Marketing Manager expresses his gratitude for the collaboration between HBS and PBC Linear:

“After two failed website launches, we chose Heartland for their expertise, location, and willingness to work through pre-existing framework and mockups. Their dedication to achieving a shared vision and identifying problems before they arose really set them apart. They asked the right questions and stayed on target so that everyone involved hit their goals and deliverables. Christine was a life saver when it came to project management and critical in never sacrificing the end user’s experience or the website’s operation. Heartland will always be my Go-To Kentico Web Developer!”


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