Ready to Re-Think your Workplace?

It probably feels like yesterday when you last upgraded your business systems like Outlook and Office, but it is probably much longer than you think. Long enough for some of those systems to be at end of life. 

HBS is one of few Microsoft partners in the nation who can offer network hardware, software licensing, and implementation & support services to clients all under one roof. 

As time passes, most of your employees have gotten used to working with the fragmented systems built out over time to manage the organization. They know how many systems they need to check to get the full answer to a customer question. They know to work around the system to get their work done in the fewest steps possible. They know where the spreadsheets are that track the “real” inventory numbers.

Not everyone is so patient and forgiving. To state the obvious, expectations about what technology can and should do has changed enormously over the past couple of years. Customers expect to get answers quickly and employees are embarrassed when they can’t deliver. Employees want to be able to work from home and be productive when they are on the road. They expect apps and tools that make their work easier, not harder.  

Which is why this is such an important time to Re-Think Your Workplace. Fortunately, the applications and tools to make your business a modern, dynamic workplace are easier than ever to deploy. Through Microsoft 365, you can add the best of cloud-based productivity applications like Outlook and Word to the systems you currently use to run your organization. 

What does it mean to Re-Think your Workplace?

Here at HBS, we believe that Microsoft 365 is the transformational tool that delivers on the promise of the modern workplace. Microsoft’s best productivity and teamwork solutions combined with the enterprise-level security protection can transform the operations of any size business.

At HBS, we’ll help you weave Microsoft 365 into your operations to: 

Get more done

Combining the latest Office apps and features in Windows with your current systems will allow your team to get more work done wherever they are, on any device. With files that are always accessible, online and off, employees can be productive anywhere. Connecting systems through Microsoft Automate allows you to automate business processes like multi-stage approvals and workflows, reducing the time spent on recurring manual processes. And by directly connecting data sources to applications, you can reduce redundant data entry, which means employees can focus on productive work.

Work better
Improve security
Manage cost

Ready to get started? 

Download Our Getting Started Guide

Let us show you how the transformational productivity solutions, like Microsoft 365, are delivering on the promise of the modern workplace. At HBS, we have developed a number of assessments and pre-implementation workshops to show you how productivity, teamwork, and security solutions apply to your organization’s specific requirements and challenges.
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Attend an Customer Immersion Experience Workshop

Join one of our unique Customer Immersion Experience workshops. Sitting alongside other business and IT leaders, go on an immersive journey taking you through a typical workday using the productivity applications within Microsoft Office 365. The workshop offers an outstanding opportunity to see the real potential of Microsoft productivity and collaboration solutions and how they can modernize your workplace.

Or Read More

We’ve written two eBooks to help you understand what it takes to Re-Think Your Workplace. Let us show you how to take a systematic approach to modernize your organization. Choose either “The Business Leaders’ Guide to Modern Security, Productivity, and Teamwork with Microsoft 365” or “The Strategic IT Professionals’ Guide to Modern Security, Administration, and Collaboration with Microsoft 365” Or, better yet, download them both and send them to the people in your organization who need to read them.
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