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Imaging Services

The first step of recommending a solution is to understand your current process. HBS strives to fully grasp your current needs and future goals in order to recommend the best solution possible for your business.

Types of Scanning

HBS scans and indexes all types of source documents and media, including:

  • Paper documents of all sizes
  • Large format drawings
  • Microfilm -16mm and 35mm
  • Aperture cards
  • Microfiche
  • Microfiche jackets
  • Books including lab notebooks, oversized volumes, property records, and more.

Project Steps

  • Original Document Transportation: Delivery of the original documents to HBS is available by our company vehicles or a courier of your choice. If the files are active documents, HBS will ensure the original files are only off-site for a minimal amount of time.
  • Application Setup. HBS will establish a “job profile” based on the scanning and indexing requirements set by the specific customer department. This helps to ensure consistency for the duration of the project.
  • Document Preparation. The process of making the original documents “scanner ready." This process can include the removal of staples and paper clips, unfolding documents, adding patch code or bar code cover sheets, and re-filing documents in the original file folders. HBS suggests tasks with which the customer can assist in order to keep preparation charges to a minimum.
  • Document Scanning. Scanning will be performed with the latest and proven technology that the industry has to offer. Our state of the art hardware and software will ensure consistently high image quality from virtually any original document. VRS provides enhanced image quality including despeckling, deskewing, black border removal and image clean up filters, etc.
  • Document Indexing. Both on-shore and off-shore indexing is available. Since HBS performs document indexing with the image available and linked to the records, an additional level of quality control is performed during the indexing process. HBS recommends utilization of an existing database, when available, for validation of the indexing process and to greatly minimize the manual keying/indexing effort.
  • OCR Indexing. The Optical Character Recognition process can be applied by HBS so we deliver an OCR database with the scanned images, or your content management application can OCR the documents upon import.
  • Delivery. HBS delivers the scanned images and index values will be provided in the appropriate format as agreed upon with the customer. Although HBS can deliver images and data on a variety of formats such as CD or DVD, many clients request that files be delivered via FTP. Electronic file folder sizes will be scaled to meet available transfer rates/bandwidth that is available between HBS and the customer. HBS can assist with the import into your system.


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