Compliance Assessments
Our Process

Standards and Regulations
We are knowledgeable with the following IT security regulatory requirements and standards frameworks:



HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH Requirements

NIST 800-53A


ISO 27001 / 27002




Our Compliance Assessment methodology and deliverables:
To streamline the process, we utilize proprietary tools to perform the initial evaluation.
We utilize experienced professionals who are knowledgeable with security regulations and frameworks. This allows us to ‘think outside the box’ and provide creative and effective solutions to your security and control needs.
We believe your team is an extremely valuable resource to define your current security posture. We work closely with them to define your current environment and develop solutions that best fit your business needs and culture.
Detailed reports with recommendations for your team, Executive Management reports and Compliance Assessment reports for your clients.
Our goal is to evaluate your environment closely to provide recommendations that provide a good fit for your organization. We believe that each organization is unique and may have specialist requirements when implementing their security and controls.
To further discuss your compliance needs or to schedule a security assessment concerning any of the above Standards and Regulations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team of experts at HBS today.

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