Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Revolutionize your data center with cloud-ready, hyperconverged infrastructure. Designed to reduce complexity, increase scalability and improve cost efficiency.

A complete hyperconverged solution. Customized to your needs.

Deploy. Troubleshoot. Support. With HBS, you’ll get a comprehensive hyperconverged solution, specifically designed to fit your organization’s needs. Our team always begins by building an understanding of your business—your needs now and your vision for the future. Then we’ll build a solution that allows you to fully realize the advantages of hyperconverged infrastructure. 

A hyperconverged data center solution, built and supported by HBS, will help you:

  • Reduce data center complexity, by integrating servers, storage and networking into one virtualized environment 
  • Simplify management with unified administration, upgrades and maintenance 
  • Increase scalability while reducing your data center footprint 

Ready to simplify and scale?

You need the support. We have the experts. Elevate your data center experience with our hyperconverged expertise. 

Our Hyperconverged Partners

HBS implements and supports hyperconverged solutions by:

Navigate complexity with confidence.

Get a hyperconverged solution that aligns with your needs.

Our Hyperconverged Infrastructure Solutions

Virtual Server Infrastructure

Build the foundation for private cloud or extend to the public cloud. You’ll have an integrated, scalable, software-defined solution that gives you high availability and resiliency, in a single architecture. 

Remote and Branch Office Solutions

Enable high data availability across your organization’s edge environments, without the need for a SAN. 

Virtual Desktops and Applications

Architect your environment to scale alongside your organization with a hyperconverged foundation. 

Why HBS Hyperconverged Data Center Solutions?

Experienced, Certified Engineers

Our team of certified engineers brings a wealth of experience in data center design to your project. So you can be confident you’re getting a solution built with your needs—and the future—in mind. 

Tailored Hyperconverged Solutions

We’ll never push you into a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and design a solution that’s unique to your environment. 

Extensive Support Team

HBS provides expert support and maintenance to ensure the continued performance, availability and security of your hyperconverged data center solution. And you can leave it all in our hands with our fully managed services. Managed Network and Server Monitoring

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