Ship To Address Name Changes for Microsoft Dynamics GP

March 30, 2017

While each new release of MIcrosoft Dynamics GP features enhancements and additions, there are a good number of minor improvements that may go unoticed...

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...Or the change may be in an area of the package that you aren't really utilizing at the time, and when you decide to use it in the future, you aren't aware of the specific effect of past updates. 

Normally this doesn’t cause any trouble, but in the case of the “Ship to Address Name”, such a situation was the root cause of some confusion.  The “Ship to Address Name” was added as part of Microsoft GP 2013.  The “out of the box” standard PO blank form and template were adjusted to use this new field as the first line of the PO ship to address for drop shipments.

(The process to do this is a bit opaque in that the field is called “Company Name”.  It comes from the Print Documents List table, which is a temporary table so you can’t easily look to see what data is put into this field.  One might think it is populated with the company name, but in the case of a dropship, it is actually populated with the “Ship to Address Name”.)

All works fine because as you add new Customer and addresses, the Customer name defaults into this “Ship to Address Name”.  If you never noticed this new field, it fills in and prints on the dropship address just like the Customer master Customer name printed before.  BUT if you had Customer address records from before Microsoft GP 2013, the field is BLANK.  If you are now new to using drop-shipments or the purchase order module overall, when you look at your first dropship PO you will likely find it odd (or annoying) that no company name is printing for the ship-to address.The “fix” is fairly easy; a SQL script can be used to fill in the “Ship to Address Name” with the Customer name where it is currently blank.

update custaddress

set custaddress.ShipToName = custmaster.CUSTNAME
from rm00102 custaddress       -- Customer Address Master
join RM00101 custmaster       -- Customer Master
on custaddress.CUSTNMBR = custmaster.CUSTNMBR -- join on customer number
WHERE acustaddress.ShipToName = ''


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