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HBS Collaborate with Webex

Together, HBS and Webex provide effortless collaboration with a unified, consistent experience for all of your internal and external communications.

Seamless collaboration. 24x7 support. One monthly fee. 

HBS Collaborate with Webex empowers team members and customers, regardless of their locations, to work together using a seamless Collaboration platform that enables cloud calling, messaging, and meetings. We deliver Webex collaboration technologies through our industry leading collaboration team with 24x7 world-class services and support, all in one monthly fee.

Fully integrated collaboration solution.

HBS is the single source for all your communication and collaboration needs. We have combined our expert team of engineers and service providers with the global collaboration leader Webex

We are helping improve the way people work together to achieve their goals. Our fully integrated solution enhances organizational and customer engagement by leveraging a platform that offers an all-in-one app for calling, messaging, and meetings.  Talk to Sales

Communication disruption? Watch to get a feel for how HBS can help. 

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Cloud calling with powerful features

Receive the cloud calling solution that provides the flexibility, reliability, and security your business demands. Make and receive calls from any of your devices — IP phone, workstation, mobile device, and smartphone — using one business phone number.

  • Experience crystal-clear audio and video
  • Work from anywhere
  • Receive advanced analytics and accurate performance indicators

Meetings built for teams

Use high-quality video meetings in your own personal meeting room with screen sharing and annotation from any device for up to 1,000 participants. Other advanced collaboration features such as breakout rooms, gestures, and reactions give everyone a voice. Virtual backgrounds, noise removal, and speech enhancements help? you improve participation and maintain your professional appearance.

Screenshot of a 5x5 grid in Webex Calling
Webex collaboration integration with One Drive

Messaging and team collaboration all in one place

Send messages, share files, and create or edit whiteboards securely, both inside and outside your company. Everything is always in one place.

Integrate with other tools

Bring content into Webex spaces from the third-party applications you love from vendors such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Trello, Asana, and Jira. Streamline access to business information and alerts from disparate solutions without switching in and out of multiple apps.

90% of remote workers experience collaboration challenges

42% feel frustrated because they can’t easily join an online meeting

32% feel their connection to company culture has suffered

Engaging and inclusive

Working from home doesn't have to be isolating and frustrating. HBS Collaborate with Webex was created to improve engagement, simplify tasks, and break down communication barriers. 

Ready to learn more about fostering an engaging collaboration environment with employees and customers? Our collaboration experts will meet you where you are and help take you to the next stage in your collaboration journey. 

Contact us now to discover why HBS is the right partner for your organization.   Talk to Sales

HBS Collaborate with Webex

Enabling traditional office, mobile and remote worker, and hybrid environments to work across a unified and seamless Collaboration platform.

Simple, all-in-one collaboration solution

Call, message, and meet using an all-in-one intuitive app. Manage collaboration without the complexity of multiple solutions. Trust the one partner that understands your needs and can satisfy all your communication and collaboration needs.

Modern and professional

Satisfy customers and retain employees by providing a modern collaboration experience that is expected by today’s workers.

Scalable and predictable

Our SaaS model, per-user, per-month, lets you scale users up or down as needed. 

Our partnership with Cisco enables us to offer a comprehensive Collaboration solution that includes our amazing Collaboration Support to provide an excellent experience for our customers.

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