Managed One

Your technology needs, managed for you in one seamless experience. Freeing your time, resources and attention to focus on the work that moves your organization forward.

One partner. One monthly payment. One seamless managed IT experience.

Technology is critical for the success of your organization. But managing and maintaining it takes time and resources that your organization may not be able to spare—and expertise you may not have in house.

With Managed One, HBS provides the resources and expertise—a team of skilled engineers and certified technicians, who live IT every day—all focused on keeping your technology working at its best. And Managed One simplifies it all into one fully managed solution, bundling all of your day-to-day technology needs into one experience, with one monthly payment, from one partner.

When you choose Managed One, you can be confident that your IT needs are taken care of—and done right. And you’ll free up the time to focus on what matters most—creating value and driving growth for your organization.

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Managed One Services Available

Why Managed One?

You’ll have a dedicated team whose singular focus is managing and maintaining your technology. We’ll tailor a Managed One solution to meet your specific needs—and provide specialized resources that would be too costly to bring in-house.

HBS adds world-class IT expertise to your tool belt, giving you the agility to adapt to ever-changing technologies and keep your software, hardware and cybersecurity up to date.

With your technology in our team’s capable hands, you’ll be able to pay attention to the activities that matter most to your core business and organizational goals.

Managed One Services

Engage with any of our managed IT services or any combination, depending on your organization’s needs. Regardless of how you engage, you’ll have the same, dedicated team for one consistent experience.

Managed IT Help Desk

Technical support. Troubleshooting. Updates and installation. Outsourcing IT help desk services allows you to not only support your team, but enhance their experience with your technology. All while improving efficiency and freeing up your own time to focus on the work that makes the biggest impact on your organization’s growth. Learn more about Managed IT Help Desk

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

“Data loss” are two words you never want to hear. HBS managed backup and disaster recovery services help ensure that you won’t. With HBS you’ll have more than a backup and disaster recovery provider. You’ll have a strategic partner who tailors a solution to your unique requirements. You’ll have experts making sure that backups are clean and data recovery is complete. And you’ll have the confidence of comprehensive protection for your most critical data. Learn more about Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Managed Firewall

Cyberattacks will happen. An up-to-date firewall is your first line of defense. With Managed Firewall services from HBS, you’ll have a team of experts making sure your defenses are set up properly and your firewall is up to date. So you can stay focused on building your organization, with the confidence that your network is secure. Learn more about Managed Firewall

Managed HaaS and SaaS

Give your organization the freedom and flexibility of a fully managed technology as a service solution. With Managed One by HBS, you can reap the benefits of hardware as a service (HaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) with the help of an extensive team of experts. And unlike many other software and hardware as a service providers, HBS customizes a solution to fit your organization’s exact needs. Learn more about Managed HaaS and SaaS

Managed Network and Server Monitoring

Ensure your network’s security with regular updates and patches. Maximize performance by proactively managing disk space. Improve productivity by optimizing network and server usage. With managed network and server monitoring, you can count on the HBS team to keep your infrastructure—and your team—functioning at its best. Learn more about Managed Network and Server Monitoring

Managed Email and Collaboration Security

Add an extra layer of defense to your cloud-based email and collaboration tools. Managed Email and Collaboration Security integrates with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to block phishing emails, ransomware and malicious links before they even get the chance to compromise your organization. Learn more about Managed Email and Collaboration Security

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