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July 24, 2019

Hard to believe it but ‘Modern’ SharePoint has now been around for almost three years.  If you had asked me how I felt about this major change in the platform in 2016 or even 2017 you would have found that it was definitely not love at first sight. As someone who had already been consulting in SharePoint for almost 10 years at that point, I was not enthusiastic about the complete departure from the set of web parts and page standards. Don’t get me wrong I knew a change was needed but it just didn’t feel fully fleshed out then. 

I share that so that you can appreciate how big of a deal it is that I am a huge cheerleader for Modern SharePoint now. Microsoft has continued to invest and via an agile approach delivery more web parts and improvements to some of the core modern web part. 

Below I will share my favorites, so if you had a bad experience with Modern in the early days hopefully this gets you to check it out again or if you are using it already find a new feature in a web part you already like.

1)    Quick Links – Best for providing in page navigation in an interesting manner that adds to the look of the site this part may be the most versatile. 

2)    Hero - This part is a great way to make your site feel more like an inviting user design driven site than anything in SharePoint Classic could bring without custom work or 3rd party tools. 

3)    Highlighted content - If you were a fan of the search query or content query web parts this part may be up your alley, slightly less powerful as it doesn't allow for customize code but it does do a great job of creating a visually appealing  part that pulls content from across site collections.  
4)    People - A great visual was to demark site owners, contact person, team members or leadership team. This part has two variations currently smaller view and larger with ability to add text. The biggest benefit of this is that hover effect with all the contact details.
5)    Integration Web Parts – One thing is clear in Office 365: SharePoint is just the foundation but there is a whole suite of features that are a jump step away. There are several web parts to make this even more seamless. Stream, Planner (shown below), Forms and PowerBI all have web parts that can be added directly for your users on any SharePoint page. 

Honorable Mentions 
These web parts are not likely to solve some big business problems, but they show that Microsoft is paying attention to the quick wins as well.

1)    Weather

2)    Map

3)    Countdown

4)    Quick Chart

These parts, and many others not mentioned here, can be put together in any number ways to create engaging communication sites for your Intranet, collaboration team spaces or a central location for tracking projects. 
Please note that many images of web parts in this blog are borrowed from the Microsoft Look Book - I highly recommend checking it to out to see their example sites that show just what SharePoint Online in Office 365 can do for you. 

Sarah Buruin
About the Author

Sarah Buruin
Productivity Analyst II

Sarah has been working with SharePoint for the last 15 years starting with SharePoint 2007 and now working with SharePoint Online and related Microsoft 365 tools. She works directly with clients to help them get business value out of SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, and OneDrive. She loves to work with site owners to plan, organize and build areas for team collaboration and focused communication.


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