Control Posting Behavior in Dynamics GP

March 11, 2019

Recently a technically skilled, experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP client created a new company in Dynamics GP.  Initial work within the company was going well until we tried to post a bank transaction.  Dynamics GP reported that the user didn’t have privileges to post bank transactions.  

I was able to log in with “power user” privileges.  I entered the transaction information, pressed “post” and got the same message!  Taking this personally, I started thinking of what exotic things could cause this.  Maybe the client was using an alternate window with special security checking built into it?  Or perhaps some use of GP’s field level security was blocking us from posting.

After verifying we were using the standard window with no field level security, thoughts turned to “bad data”.  Maybe something in the user role assignment was messed up, or perhaps some security related data was somehow deleted.  A check of the posting permissions associated with the TRX_FIN_003* role showed bank transactions were clearly still checked.

Finally a failsafe I developed early in my career kicked in:  when you notice you are inventing increasingly complex scenarios to explain the problem, you should revisit the simple possibilities.  What feature in Dynamics GP is designed to control posting behavior?  

A quick check of that window showed that transaction level posting was unchecked.  Turns out the user had wanted to make sure the users in this new company ALWAYS used batches.  Problem is that bank transactions can’t be put in batches.  Unfortunately, GP allowed a user to turn off the only actual option for posting bank transactions.

So with a check of the box and a quick test, bank transaction posting was working perfectly.


Al Schuette
About the Author

Al Schuette
Senior ERP Consultant

Al brings his experience as a computer programmer, information technology manager, business consultant, and entrepreneur/business owner to his clients. He has been active in the manufacturing sector throughout his career and holds an APICS certification in integrated resources management.  He has worked extensively with a variety of wholesale distributors and enjoys helping clients implement improvements in their supply chain and inventory management.  Al has extensive expertise in assisting organizations that currently are, or wish to, utilize job Project Accounting within Microsoft Dynamics GP.


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