The Case of the Bogus Account Descriptions

April 29, 2020

Recently I had occasion to focus on the GL00100F1 table in the Microsoft Dynamics GP company database. In over 20 years of working with GP, I was aware that the GL00100F1, F2, F3 and F4 tables existed but I’ve never found any reason to look into what they do. Turns out they are related to account level security, which has four entity levels where user assignments can be made for specific G/L accounts.

When a user doesn’t have account level security access to call up a specific account, they may still be doing a posting process that involves that account. These “F” tables allow the system to retrieve the account description carried in those tables rather than going to the account master (GL00100).

The account descriptions in the “F” tables are set to the account description in the account master when account level security is setup. When a description is changed in account maintenance, it updates the description in the “F” tables. But one of our clients “did something” and caused all the “F” table account descriptions to be populated with a pair of concocted description (not matching any GL00100 account description).

As a result, all G/L posting reports for users that didn’t have “all accounts access” showed these bogus account descriptions regardless of the actual account number. Someone with “all account access” got the correct descriptions.

The hard work was figuring out the role GL00100F1 played in this problem. The fairly easy “fix” was to use a SQL script to force the GL00100F1 account descriptions to be the same as the GL00100 descriptions. Cheers to learning something new everyday.

Tom Schroder
About the Author

Tom Schroder
GP Support Consultant

Tom Schroder, MBA, is the lead Consultant responsible for the HBS Dynamics GP Help Desk. With 15+ years of experience supporting Dynamics GP, Tom excels at troubleshoot, report writing, and more.


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