How to Make Digital Transformation Human

February 26, 2020

Transformation is hard work.  When we think of digital transformation, we often place the focus on technology such as cloud and modern apps. However, technology decisions should not rest solely on IT. In order to make the best investments and get the best outcomes, you must put people at the center of your technology roadmap.

And by people, we are talking about teammates and customers. Let’s take a closer look at both groups.

Digital Transformation for Teammates
What is the most important development in technology? Hint: it’s not technology. It’s your workforce. In today’s modern workplace, digital transformation should never end.

  • Hiring practices are key to digital transformation success. Employers need to look for teammates who are eager to learn new things and adaptable to ever-changing work processes. The goal is to develop a culture that embraces and welcomes change and understands that digital evolution is a necessary and healthy part of their company’s survival and growth.

  • Retention is another key success factor. Teammates want to do good work that matters. That means having access to the right information at the right time. They also want easy access from any device and any location. If you arm them with the proper tools of a modern workplace, your top performers are more likely to stay.

Gone are the days of hiring teammates who had one particular hard skill. Today’s work environment requires that teammates have many soft skills as well as the desire to change and grow. Technology may be the forcing function in digital transformation, but it’s how your teammates are positioned to respond and handle the shift that counts.

Digital Transformation for Customers
Just like the world of work is changing for teammates, the customer journey is likewise transforming in dramatic ways. Innovative companies are using the cloud to integrate and personalize customer data, creating a digital experience that is both modern and interactive.

Integrating all data sources into one seamless customer experience offers a comprehensive view that teammates can use to make sure that customers don’t need to repeat the same information over and over and that their needs are met quickly and accurately.

The cloud offers the advantage of having all your information in one place so you can deliver the same experience to your customers whether in person, on the phone, or online. Chances are your customers are already using multiple digital channels and you need to be where they are in order to stay relevant.

Your Next Step to Digital Transformation
Your teammates and customers are demanding improved service and we know how to help you implement the right technology to create exceptional customer experiences. HBS offers assessments designed to guide your digital transformation in the most impactful ways for your organization.

Want to schedule your assessment? Contact us today. Want to learn more about the modern workplace? Check out our new ebook, Re-Think Your Workplace. If you are ready to build a technology roadmap that caters to your people, HBS can help.

John Kring
About the Author

John Kring
VP of Applications Services

John is a strategic business and technology leader with over 25 years of experience in various functional areas, across numerous industries, understanding a diverse set of technologies. He has extensive experience aligning Microsoft solutions to clients' business needs. John has championed vibrant workplace cultures to create passionate and engaged associates providing a sustainable, competitive advantage. With proven leadership abilities, he collaboratively builds shared vision and purpose, influencing change across the organization and empowering growth.


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