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June 05, 2020

“Cloud-based” ERP packages are getting all the press and promotion, much like Windows-based ERP packages 25 years ago. We have checked out many options, including Intacct, Acumatica and Microsoft’s Dynamics Business Central. We’ve found these to be developing products, much like the Windows-based packages of the mid-1990’s. They are adding features (like landed cost, serial and lot tracked inventory, integrated field service, and manufacturing modules) that Dynamics GP has had for over 15 years. Many of the Dynamics GP add-on applications are being ported to work with these products because that functionality isn’t otherwise available in these young products.

We find that Dynamics GP still offers a richer range of capabilities, a wider variety of add-on solutions and a significantly lower cost of ownership than the subscription-based packages being heavily promoted today. As those packages continue to mature over the next decade, we anticipate the time when they can be used to provide a better overall solution, but that just isn’t the case yet.

Dynamics GP has included an integrated graphical dashboard for over 10 years. It tightly integrates with the latest versions of Office 365, supports workflow automation that includes the ability to do review and approval from your email application, and provides deep functionality when run from a URL in your web browser, all while being hosted in Azure or AWS. But unlike many other packages, it can also be housed on your local network where your data never leaves your premises.

We continue to feature Dynamics GP because it offers the best toolset to help us address your business problems today. It took about 10 years for Windows-based Dynamics GP to really be a compelling, cost-effective replacement for Great Plains Accounting (for DOS). We are committed to continuing to evaluate cloud-based solutions so we can recommend one of them when they truly offer our clients the better value.

Tom Schroder
About the Author

Tom Schroder
GP Support Consultant

Tom Schroder, MBA, is the lead Consultant responsible for the HBS Dynamics GP Help Desk. With 15+ years of experience supporting Dynamics GP, Tom excels at troubleshoot, report writing, and more.


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