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August 17, 2021

My name is Derek Poggemann and I am a Data Engineer Intern at Heartland Business Systems. The Summer of 2021 will be my third returning internship at the HBS Little Chute headquarters office.

The Summer of 2021 will be my third returning internship at the HBS Little Chute headquarters office. In my role, I work directly under the Director of Applications and have a Senior Developer as my mentor for personal and professional guidance. With an internship at HBS, no day will ever be the same. In this article, I will describe what a typical Monday can look like as an intern at Heartland Business Systems.

7:30 Drive to HBS
I put on my “business casual” attire, grab my employee ID card, and drive to work!

8:00 Arrive at work, grab my coffee, & check emails
For the coffee lovers like myself, when I arrive to the Little Chute office, I spend a couple minutes pouring a dark roast from the coffee pot to jumpstart my day. Normally during this time, I spend a few minutes talking with team members while drinking my coffee. I also make sure to take the weekly polls at my teammate's desk. I spend the rest of my time checking emails, booking calendar appointments, and planning out my day.

8:30 Donuts and discussion
Once every month on Monday, we have the entire applications team and all the leaders join for Donuts and Discussion. During this time, breakfast and donuts are provided for team members while we listen to company updates, plans, and future outlooks. We share personal and professional “wins” across the organization as well as life updates. This is a great time to get everyone together and enjoy breakfast with the team (Photo below taken pre-COVID).

9:30 Tasks and customer meetings
I will spend an hour or two working on tasks for the day. As a Data Engineer Intern, I develop Microsoft Power BI reports, present work to customers, create marketing material for our services, and educate myself on current technologies. For example, after expressing my interest in obtaining a Power BI certification, my supervisor encouraged me to use this time to study and take the test. During this time, I will also join customer presales conversations, actively discussing and taking notes for when I am assigned to the project.

11:00 One-on-one meeting with my mentor
Each week on Mondays, my mentor and I have an hour meeting for personal and professional guidance. I use this time to get help and discuss current and future projects. I often ask for advice on school and talk about future goals.

12:00 Lunch with team members
Instead of packing a lunch, I will get food with other developers at least once a week. We normally choose between tacos at El Jaripeo’s, burgers at Taste of the Windy City, or soup at Landreman’s. On days I do not eat with coworkers, I often get food from the new break room vending kiosks. A variety of sandwiches, chips, yogurt, drinks, and more are available for a low price.

1:00 Tasks & projects
In the afternoon, I continue to work on tasks and projects I am assigned to. If I have any moments where I run out of work, I often spend this time educating myself on new technologies. I take many courses through Microsoft Learn as they are quite interactive and free.

3:30 Blog
I normally save the last 30 minutes of the day to work on blog posts for the company website. I normally write blogs pertaining to the technologies I work on, my experience as an intern at Heartland, or new and upcoming features in the technology field.

4:00 Drive home
The time I go home can vary, but normally happens at 4 pm. At HBS, they are very flexible with the interns on the time of day we work. Some days I work from 7am to 3 pm, and some days I work from 9 am to 5 pm. Normally my schedule is from 8 am – 4 pm, but they are very accommodating to the changes I need to make.

During my internship at HBS, I have learned so much about developing technologies and have advanced in my business acumen. Internships at HBS are focused on reaching full potential and inspiring an interest or career focus. I have returned for my third internship because I love my job and have a great time working with my team members. You truly will not regret your days as an intern at Heartland Business Systems. 


Derek Poggemann
About the Author

Derek Poggemann
Engineer Associate Intern

Derek joined Heartland Business Systems as an intern in applications. He is currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and has enjoyed working with and building software for many years.


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