Collaborate and share information easily and securely with Microsoft's robust document collaboration tools.

Do you hear frustration from your teammates around finding the content they need, sharing documents with one another and/or outside of the organization, or simply not knowing what tool to use when for document management?

In the modern, connected workplace, much of the ecosystem is focused on collaboration and finding easier ways to access and share information. Microsoft SharePoint is a user-friendly document storage tool that improves collaboration and addresses many issues your organization is facing. Connecting with employees and keeping your whole organization in sync through an intranet, content management, and document management system creates the competitive advantage of making processes and people more productive.

HBS SharePoint planning and deployment services can help your business get the most from SharePoint's extensive capabilities.

HBS's dedicated team of engineers and experts will partner with you to fully understand your environment and tailor solutions specific to your business. Our practice offers expertise across the Microsoft Collaboration and Productivity stacks, namely SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive for Business, Office365 Groups, and Planner. Additionally, we consult on your SharePoint development needs, workflow automation business objectives, and advise on your long-term collaboration roadmap. From assessments to migrations to new adoptions, the HBS team has seen, implemented, and supported it all! When you partner with HBS, your employees will discover the flexibility and benefits of their new workplace.

SharePoint Benefits

Simplify Everyday Business Activities

Take advantage of out-of-the-box workflows for initiating, tracking, and reporting common business activities, such as document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection. With help from HBS, you can implement and learn to create these activities without any coding. Tight integration with familiar client applications, email, and web browsers provides you with a simple, consistent experience.

Connect Employees with Information and Expertise

Enterprise Search incorporates business data along with information about documents, people, and web pages to produce comprehensive, relevant results. Features like duplicate collapsing, spelling correction and alerts improve the relevance of the results so you can easily find what you need.

Increased Productivity

SharePoint and OneDrive give your company the opportunity to streamline and automate key processes. It's easier than ever to transmit data, track information, manage documents, work on group projects, and much more without confusion or delays. Customize your solution using Power Automate and Power Apps to best suit the unique needs of your staff members, maximizing ease of use and productivity. A more productive workforce means better business efficiency and profitability.

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HBS provides complete, local, end-to-end technology solutions for organizations with a large team of engineers and consultants available to assist with any technology need, solve problems and exceed expectations. At every level of the company, we are committed to providing high-quality services to each of our clients.

Consult & Assess

Your organization is unique. Whether your environment is simple, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve helped organizations like yours. We will assess your environment and your needs to provide the best solution.


We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of skilled experts is invested in understanding your needs in order to provide innovative and practical customized solutions.

Manage and Support

Our relationship-focused approach means that we care about your organization and your success. We love to talk about and implement the newest technology, but we are equally committed to managing and supporting existing environments.

"The way the meeting was run – to the point, clear direction, everyone answered, …guided well – absolutely delights my heart! I know that may seem strange to mention, but…I get really bogged down by not well run meetings, so being involved in one that is that I’m not leading really is a breath of fresh air. Typically I’m the PM for every project I’m on, so knowing that I can step back on that piece and feel completely comfortable in you guys running things (and, especially since the technical pieces are out of my realm of expertise) is just darn fantastic!"

Nadine Douds, Application Developer

Flagstone Foods