Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Harness your data to drive decisions.

Organizations today have more data than ever at their disposal. The challenge is harnessing this data to drive meaningful insights and strategic decisions.

Transform your organization into a data-driven entity that leverages operational, analytical, and relevant supplemental data to make real-time strategic decisions.

Partner with HBS for a roadmap to harness your data and use it to improve your key performance indicators. We work with you at your pace, focusing on quick wins that deliver value and incrementally build on wins while staying aligned with your strategic goals.

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Benefits


Flexible & Powerful

Transform, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources. Share automated reports in seconds with your organization.

Multiple Datasets

With data aggregation automated, monitor a real-time dashboard to drive meaningful data-driven decisions.

Save Time

Focus on important organizational priorities like customer experience instead of compiling reports.

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Organizations focused on pervasive analytics and a continued climb up the data maturity levels often find unity in a single platform. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, HBS leverages Microsoft Power BI as the tool of choice to lead customers through their data maturity growth plan.

Power BI fits well into our other Microsoft offerings and allows for the different toolsets to integrate and offer a more holistic solution. While other reporting solutions are also leveraged by the HBS team, such as Excel and SSRS, our primary expertise is within Power BI.


Consult & Assess

Your organization is unique. Whether your environment is simple, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve helped organizations like yours. We will assess your environment and your needs to provide the best solution.


We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of skilled experts is invested in understanding your needs in order to provide innovative and practical customized solutions.

Manage and Support

Our relationship-focused approach means that we care about your organization and your success. We love to talk about and implement the newest technology, but we are equally committed to managing and supporting existing environments.

Our Analytics Process



  • Define current analytics state
  • Catalog data assets within the organization
  • Identify analytics gaps and look for opportunities
  • Engage team with ownership, not a technical initiative
  • Perform data profiling with the discovered data
  • Define security requirements


  • Identify core analytics value
  • Map data lifecycle
  • Determine data silos
  • Domain classification around data assets
  • Connect information across entities


  • Assess needs and define phased deliverables
  • Develop data strategy and roadmap recommendations
  • Partner with customer to refine a roadmap
  • Define a governance approach and model


  • Agile project definition to build on a roadmap
  • Implement a data governance model and process
  • Test, try, measure and reiterate or change
  • Celebrate successes and evangelize
  • Evaluate current state and learn from successes and challenges

"A big part of our growth can be attributed to HBS' unified voice solution. While the investment has been higher than originally expected, the costs involved are much lower than the savings we've achieved."

Mark Vander Sanden, Executive Vice President and CIO

Aqua Finance Inc.