Database Management (SQL)

A result-oriented database management solution.

Your organization's business data is a critical asset. When you or your customers cannot access the information they need, business STOPS. You need a solution that is reliable and ensures you're getting the most out of your data. It's important that your solution is scalable and simple to use to achieve the near and long-term goals of your organization. With a data management solution from HBS, you will improve your ability to share data, secure your data, and the integrity of your data will improve.

The dedicated team of engineers and experts at HBS will partner with you to fully understand your data and provide a Database Management solution customized to your specific needs. When you partner with HBS, you will receive unparalleled support and integration services while ensuring your customers and employees will be able to access data anytime, anywhere.


SQL Monitoring

HBS provided monitoring and performance management for your environment.

SQL Health Check

HBS reviews your environment to understand its current state and needs.

Database Management (SQL) Benefits


Sharing of Data

Database users can edit, update, and delete data that is shared among themselves. 

Data Integrity

Data integrity provides confidence that the data is accurate and consistent in the database. In a DBMS, this becomes very important as multiple databases are expected to interact and provide visibility to data for multiple users.

Data Security

Data security is a crucial component of a database. Unauthorized access violates integrity reducing trust in the accuracy of the data. Data access is managed through authorization levels to reach the database and its data.

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HBS is uniquely positioned with a team of qualified engineers partnered with our database administrators to support our customers. Our team works arm in arm with engineers to review and manage customers' environments, whether on-prem or in the cloud. We support the customers' infrastructure, data environment, and licensing all within HBS with experienced engineers and DBAs.

Consult, Assess and Design

Your organization is unique. Whether your environment is simple, complex or somewhere in between, we’ve helped organizations like yours. We will assess your environment and your needs to provide the best solution.

Customize and Implement

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our team of skilled experts is invested in understanding your needs in order to provide innovative and practical customized solutions.

Manage and Support

Our relationship-focused approach means that we care about your organization and your success. We love to talk about and implement the newest technology, but we are equally committed to managing and supporting existing environments.

"A big part of our growth can be attributed to HBS' unified voice solution. While the investment has been higher than originally expected, the costs involved are much lower than the savings we've achieved."

Mark Vander Sanden, Executive Vice President and CIO

Aqua Finance Inc.