Fond du Lac School District

The Fond du Lac School District needed to provide wireless Internet access for students, staff and visitors.

More Mobile Devices Generate Wireless Demand

The district purchased about 100 iPads that needed wireless connections to access the school network. They also wanted to provide access for staff and student-owned devices and to meet the expectations of vistors to the district who wanted Internet access. They had installed several Apple AirPorts, but they did not provide consistent, reliable access.

The district wanted help choosing the best vendor for their needs and assistance designing the system. Key considerations in the system design were to ensure reliable access even in older buildings with thick walls and to install the routers where they could not be easily tampered with by students.

The Clear Choice is Heartland

Heartland Business Systems helped the Fond du Lac School District select the best vendor for the project through site visits and consultation. Heartland’s vendor agnostic approach made it easier for the district to choose; they didn’t have to determine if differences in proposals were from the vendor or re-seller.

Heartland conducted site walk-throughs for every building to determine the placements for the wireless access points that would keep the hardware secure and provide consistent access.

Heartland installed all cabling, hardware and upgraded the network switches to support power over ethernet (POE) and gigabit ethernet. We helped determine security levels to provide needed access to staff, students and visitors while protecting the district. For example, Internet access is cut off at 11pm each night to prevent unauthorized use.

Jeff Ruedinger, technical coordinator for computer services, said, “Heartland tech support was outstanding and made the project easy for us to do.” 

Now any user can access the network at a consistent speed anyhwere in the district, and with improved security to boot.

Business Needs

  • Provide network and Internet access for iPads purchased by district
  • Support 1-to-1 computer-to-student initiative
  • Provide current technology for staff, student and visitor use

Solution Components

  • Vendor selection
  • Wireless access point site selection
  • Cabling
  • Hardware installation
  • Upgrade network switches 


  • Cisco wireless routers
  • Cisco wireless LAN controller
  • PoE and Gigabit ethernet

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