Bay Valley Foods needed to build and deploy a simple website for a newly-acquired product line – JCloth – on a very limited budget. 


There was some urgency in getting the new website set up as the previous Jcloth owners had decommissioned the old website. The site had to be available in both French and English for this Canadian product and provide a consistent presentation on multiple device sizes and styles.


Bay Valley Foods considered the following to be the primary drivers in their selection of Kentico for the Jcloth site:

  • Ease and speed with which the site could be deployed
  • Versatile template options
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • User-friendly interface that would allow their marketing team to perform content entry to stay within a very limited budget
  • Inexpensive or free licensing options for a very limited budget
  • Responsive design
  • Host in an existing Microsoft Azure hosting tenant


With no project artifacts from the old site available, the new site was designed and developed from the ground up.

  • Styling of the new site had to be fast and flexible. The designers and developers used snapshots of the old site to lay out the templates and start loading content as graphical media was prepared
  • Bi-lingual requirement for English and French that is easy for nondevelopers to maintain. Having the option within Kentico to present content in two languages simplified site construction as well as future maintenance by non-developer team members


The solution was to build this simple website using Kentico, free license, with a Bind Tuning template. The design, build, and content entry phases were executed on a test server, then migrated to Microsoft Azure upon completion. This approach allowed for:

  • Design iterations to be reviewed, adjusted, and approved offline
  • Training of marketing team members on content entry
  • Completion of content entry by marketing team members to complete the site on time and to meet their aggressive launch date


The website was designed and set up in Kentico and ready for content entry within a couple of weeks. The marketing team then added content and rolled the site to production within a month.

Key criteria for choosing Kentico

Key factors for selecting Kentico for this client were:

  • Fast set up of bi-lingual site
  • Cost of Kentico fit was within limited budget
  • Easy-to-use interface for content entry by marketing team
  • Responsive
  • Ease of hosting with Microsoft Azure


  • Kentico CMS Solution

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