Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip had purchased new coffee machine technology for all of their stores and needed a way to promote the product online, educate the customer on how to use this new technology and drive sales of the new coffee.

New In-Store Features

The new Karuba Gold Coffee Machine had a touchscreen interface and was capable of making 6 different kinds of coffees. The site needed to be mobile friendly and Kwik Trip wanted the solution to be reusable for future promotions. Kwik Trip was launching the machines in less than 120 days and had a budget of less that $25,000 to work with.  

Conceptual Solutions

HBS offered multiple concepts and then recommended a “Beat The Clock”  theme, based on a popular game show.

Online players would have the chance use an online replica of the game to see if they could “pour” a cup within a certain timeframe. Some users were rewarded prizes for playing. Users found it fun to “beat the clock,” and were encouraged to tell their friends via social media, and could come back and play multiple times.  The game theme was simple, yet fun and could be completed very quickly, one of the major benefits the stores provide overall. The solution was built in a modular fashion so that parts and pieces could be reused in future promotions.

Collaboration Produces Large Payoff

The HBS and Kwik Trip teams worked together in the efforts to design, develop and test the new application. The HBS team consisted of business analysts, developers, project managers and testers. The game was launched on time and within budget. It was live on the Kwik Trip site for about 4 weeks and generated a significant return on investment.

Solution Components

  • Website
  • Game Development
  • Tracking


  • Kentico CMS
  • CSS3 Animation
  • Javascript


  • 1.5 million impressions
  • 15,000 email sign ups
  • $150,000 in new coffee sales

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