Marinette Marine

Marinette Marine was purchased by Fincantieri in 2008 and the new parent company has made significant infrastructure  investments to increase and improve the production capability of the shipyard. 

Supporting Marinette Marine’s Growth

Marinette Marine has undertaken many projects to connect new buildings, renovated buildings and incorporated temporary office trailers into their network as the infrastructure projects have proceeded. The increased production capacity also means more offices and employees and the network infrastructure needs to be updated and expanded to support the increased usage. 

A Successful Relationship Between True Partners

This story doesn't start like most case studies. The first time Marinette Marine contacted Heartland to bid on a project, HBS declined. The project was to get a new office trailer online within 2 weeks and after internal discussions about resources, HBS did not think we would be able to complete the project successfully by the deadline. So we called Marinette Marine and told them that we were interested in working with them, but wanted our first project to be a success and we didn't think we could succeed on this project. We asked that they contact us again when another opportunity came up.

Although it was not their usual process to give a vendor a second chance, because of HBS's honesty, Marinette Marine did contact us again when they had another project. HBS submitted a competitive bid and was awarded the project to install cabling in a building being converted to new office space. Marinette Marine found the HBS staff to be "extremely skilled, qualified and experienced" and we completed the project successfully, which earned us the opportunity to bid on another project.

After several more projects where HBS consistently delivered timely, quality work that met the high standards of Marinette Marine, they called a meeting with HBS to discuss the relationship. Although Marinette Marine has many vendors that they use for IT projects, there are only a select few who would be considered true “partners” for success. HBS had demonstrated the knowledge of the business and the willingness to do what is best for Marinette Marine (and not just HBS) which contributed to the development of that partnering relationship that exists today. The relationship has continued to expand and now HBS provides cabling, IT consulting, staff augmentation, equipment purchasing and other IT services. "HBS provides needed and trusted skills across multiple areas at a moment's notice," says  Mike Gugluizza, Director, Information Technology.

Business Need

  • Cabling and network infrastructure upgrades

Solution Components

  • Cabling
  • Network design


  • Reliable network within an upgraded infrastructure
  • IT department  is able to provide the level of service the rest of the business needs and expects

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