NetNeutrals is an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) program, an innovative way to manage disputes or disagreements online. helps consumers and businesses quickly resolve disputes with its simple process and convenient online forum.


After reviewing the site, it was determined to have a great opportunity to modernize the site design and provide an improved experience for users and administrators. It was recommended to implement the redesigned site in the Kentico Content Management System. Kentico provides both Content Management and Forum Functionality built into one tool that can simplify maintenance and administration.


The following were the primary drivers in the selection of Kentico for the Net Neutrals site:

  • Improve performance and functionality
  • Automate and streamline processes to increase efficiency
  • Provide a user-friendly, responsive website to improve the user experience
  • Complete integrations with eBay and PayPal


The following development challenges were discovered when designing the Net Neutrals site:

  • Integrating the eBay API. Net Neutrals required that users be able to authenticate through eBay—as well as that, cases could be started with just the eBay Item ID and no further manual entry.
  • Create an environment for users to dispute claims. Net Neutrals also required that the mode of communication between users in dispute be easy to use, contain the ability to upload photos and get email notifications.
  • Reporting on use of the forum. Net Neutrals required reports to show usage of the forums and forms on the site.
  • Smooth transition. Due to customer usage from eBay, transferring traffic to the new site needed to be a seamless transition.


The solution was to leverage Kentico’s various tools to accomplish their goals. A responsive website template was selected and implemented into Kentico. A Custom Page was implemented to receive eBay’s authentication requests and either log in, or create a user. A Custom Class was created to interact with eBay’s API to gather case information and then form the cases.

Kentico Forms and User Permissions were leveraged to automatically create Form for each case, assign permission to access only the cases that the users had access to, and Scheduled Tasks was leveraged to monitor case progress and close cases upon dispute resolution.

Custom “My Desk” tools were created for the Net Neutral agents to be able to approve and finalize cases. Kentico’s Email Engine helped formulate the email responses to the agents and to eBay itself.


The Net Neutrals website is now automated with only the minimal interaction required by the administrators. Users are able to handle claims easily.

Key Criteria for Choosing Kentico

Key factors for selecting Kentico for this client were:

  • Fast setup of a responsive design website
  • Ease of managing cases (through the My Desk modules)
  • Ability to automatically handle user creation, case creation, and permissions through Forums and User Permissions
  • Automatic notifications through the Email Engine, and automatic task execution through Scheduled Tasks
  • Ability to leverage API integrations


  • Kentico CMS Solution

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