Northern Lights Clinic

Northern Lights Clinic (NLC) offers ENT, sleep, allergy, audiology and physical therapy services and prides itself on being "Big enough to cure, small enough to care." They needed help supporting their IT systems.

A Little IT Help to Boost Staff and Customer Experience

The person in the role of "help desk" was not a technical engineer and was spending more time providing tech support than planned. This impacted the time he could spend on other aspects of his position that were better suited to his education and training. NLC owns their own computer and network equipment, but their back-up system was problematic and they were not sure that the back-up was complete and reliable.

Business Needs

  • Tech support
  • Assistance planning IT needs and implementation

Solution Components

  • Updated switches
  • Wireless access points
  • Installation support


  • Document Imaging Server
  • Computer hardware
  • Wireless access points

In their Sleep Centers, patients wanted to be able to access the Internet when they were at the center for evaluation. NLC wanted to provide that service, but needed a way to offer public access that would not compromise their internal network for security and privacy reasons. 

Compliant From All Angles

NLC interviewed several vendors before choosing Heartland Business Systems to provide tech support and service. They have benefitted from the deep technology expertise of HBS along with our experience in healthcare on a wide variety of projects.

HBS upgraded NLCs network with new switches and installation of wireless access points while ensuring HIPPA compliance and helped set up public access to the Internet in the Sleep Centers that was separate from the internal network to maintain security and privacy.

HBS helped NLC address issues with their back-up system so now they are confident that the back-up is running correctly. At the 2011 HBS Technology Conference they learned of new deduplication processes that will be able to significantly reduce back-up times and look forward to implementing the change with HBS.

NLC purchased imaging server software through another vendor, but ended up needing HBS support for the installation, "we were impressed with HBS's professionalism in providing the service we needed and working with our other vendor."

NLC now uses HBS for weekly tech support. NLC uses a portal to enter tickets as issues come up and once a week an HBS engineer visits the offices to address the issues. If emergency assistance is needed, HBS is available 24/7 to provide support. 

Positive Outcome

NLC’s staff now has reduced time spent supporting help desk and they are confident that their back-ups are happening and complete.


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