Phoenix Care

The dedication of Phoenix Care Systems (PCS) to providing outstanding behavioral and developmental healthcare dates back to 1972, at a single clinic in Plymouth, WI. Today, PCS is the parent company of eight subsidiaries with more than 200 facilities and 1,600 employees in five states.

Company Seeks Superior Health For Healthcare Management.

Managing continuous growth while maintaining high standards of patient care is a daunting challenge, one that requires more than simply a reseller of hardware and software. To make it happen, PCS needed a partner in IT innovation and management––a "virtual CIO."

Heartland Responds With Comprehensive Treatment Plan.

Over the past 20 years, Heartland's partnership with PCS has evolved exponentially. Today, HBS helps lead and manage all levels of IT planning, development and implementation––with dedicated staff onsite at PCS. Along the way, we've achieved many key milestones together.

Centralized data center brings it all home. HBS transformed PCS data storage from servers in multiple PCS locations to a centralized data center, hosted in one location by HBS. This consolidation has increased data security and responsiveness companywide, while enabling insightful integration of data for business planning at the corporate level.

VPNs and SharePoint enable powerful flow of secure information. HBS has established virtual private networks and SharePoint for each of the more than 200 PCS facilities. Today, all PCS clinicians and other employees have secure website access and a standardized platform for recording, retrieving and sharing information onsite and in the field.

Afficere™ software revolutionizes companywide data management. HBS worked side-by-side with clinicians in all PCS subsidiaries to develop and implement Afficere, a proprietary, state-of-the-art EMR and data management system. Afficere has dramatically improved PCS's ability to conduct business by streamlining data gathering, analysis and reporting in three key areas:

  • Clinical information management
  • Outcomes management
  • Business/human resources management

New websites unify PCS mission. Avastone Technologies, a division of HBS, redesigned and launched the flagship PCS website, and is in the process of developing a compatible family of websites for all eight of its subsidiaries.

PCS Vital Signs Are Looking Very Good.

The results Heartland's work with Phoenix Care Systems are source of great pride for both companies, and a clear example of what can be done when a full IT partnership is achieved.

Business Needs

  • Manage IT needs for a large and growing organization
  • Data management and security
  • Secure network in-office or remote
  • Custom data management program
  • Unified web presence

Solution Components

  • Consolidated data center
  • VPNs
  • SharePoint implementation
  • Custom software
  • Website development

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