The Cawley Company

The Cawley Company, a family-owned business established in 1946, is a trusted name and leader in the Recognition and Identification Business. Every year, The Cawley Company's name badges, signs, and award plaques identify over four million people at some of the world's best-known companies.

About The Cawley Company

More than 85 dedicated, talented individuals work together as a team to manufacture the quality product line at a 38,000 square foot plant in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, just west of the Lake Michigan shoreline.

The Cawley Company, a trusted name and leader in the recognition and identification business, was using an Excel spreadsheet to track all the information associated with the artwork used to create custom name badges and awards for their customers. Although the flat database spreadsheet process was sufficient when one person was responsible for managing the necessary data and order process, as Cawley’s business expanded and more staff needed access to the data, this process became inefficient.

Such inefficiencies included the fact that multiple users could not update the information at the same time, information was lost when fields were sorted improperly and hard copies were never up-to-date. Cawley leadership quickly realized how all of this would have an adverse affect on profitability and the timeliness of custom order completion.

While tracking logos for name badges may sound simple enough, there is complexity due to the variety of printing options offered by Cawley, the custom nature of every order, and the different processes and information needed for each order. This complexity results in an extensively detailed business process that directly affects customer satisfaction and company profitability.


The Cawley Company realized the need to have a software application developed to effectively manage this complex and detailed business process.  In their search for a partner who could do just that, they were also looking for a technology consulting organization who could support their network and systems needs.  The Heartland Business Systems team met both of these.

HBS worked with The Cawley Company to define the requirements for a custom application to replace the spreadsheet that was tracking logo art assets. At first, migrating the spreadsheet to an Access database was considered, but as the details of the information required for each art asset were identified, it became clear that a true relational database would be needed.

HBS designed and built a custom software solution using .Net and MSSQL. The solution helps enforce Cawley’s business processes to ensure that all assets are handled properly. The assets can be tracked as they move through the order process. Multiple people can access and update the data at the same time. The new system consolidates multiple data sources into one system, eliminating duplicate and conflicting data that caused extra work.

The .Net system can integrate, in the future, with Cawley's Microsoft Dynamics GP financials, to provide even more efficiencies.


  • 30 people access the system daily in servicing customers
  • Business processes are enforced by the system
  • Profitability increase due to job orders completed on time and within budget
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Business can be managed and grown in ways not available without the system

Business Need

  • Inventory and job tracking of digital and physical logo assets including art work and other components needed for custom orders

Solution Components

  • Application development of custom software


  • Net

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