Tree House Foods

After TreeHouse Foods acquired the Flagstone Foods group and the private brands portion of ConAgra Foods, they needed to update their investor website to display the broadened base of products under the TreeHouse Foods corporate umbrella.


As part of the acquisitions, TreeHouse rebranded the websites of the acquired brands, and grouped them into five product pillars. To showcase the acquired brands, TreeHouse Foods reached out to Heartland Business Systems (HBS) to assist with redesigning The TreeHouse Foods legal and marketing teams provided design ideas, and HBS provided technology to support the design with a recommendation to migrate the old nested tables HTML site to Kentico. By making this transition, and training TreeHouse Foods’ team members, the marketing team could maintain the site going forward, if desired.


TreeHouse Foods considered the following to be the primary drivers in their selection of Kentico for their investor site:

  • Ease and speed with which the site could be deployed
  • Versatile template options
  • User-friendly interface that would allow their marketing team to perform content entry to stay within very limited budget
  • Inexpensive or free licensing options for a very limited budget
  • Responsive design
  • Host in an existing Microsoft Azure hosting tenant


The TreeHouse Foods investor site requires inclusion of two external sites in a way that appears seamless to users, and the site is easily managed by the marketing team.

  • Some styling and features of the old site were migrated to Kentico, and integrated with new branding and images. The designers and developers used the old site to lay out the templates and start loading content.
  • Standard header and footer alerts and common files were added to the old site design seamlessly. Common files, added through embedded iFrames, allowed the site to be updated to meet the new Bay Valley Foods standards.
  • SEC pages were integrated into the site seamlessly. Integration was accomplished with iFrames and the styling coordinated with SEC developers.


The solution was to replicate the design and functionality of the website using Kentico 9 with a Bind Tuning template.

The design, build, and content entry phases were executed on a test server, then migrated to Microsoft Azure upon completion. This approach allowed for:

  • Draft version of the site to be reviewed, adjusted, and approved offline by Legal
  • Training of marketing team members on content entry
  • Completion of content entry to finalize migration to Azure before critical press releases


The website was designed and set up in Kentico and ready for customer review and approval within a couple of weeks. The marketing team was trained and the Azure dev site promoted to production within a month.

Key Criteria for Choosing Kentico

  • Fast setup
  • Cost of Kentico fit within limited budget
  • Easy-to-use interface for content entry by marketing team
  • Responsive
  • Ease of hosting with Microsoft Azure


  • Kentico CMS Solution

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