University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Success Story

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse enlisted the help of HBS when they required a secure and scalable infrastructure.


  • UWL needed a secure and scalable infrastructure that would provide a foundation for all the next generation devices and applications 
  • UWL is host to the state track and field competitions. As a result, UWL is required to provide a consistent and pervasive wireless experience throughout the grounds. UWL needed high-density wireless experience for the outdoor football and track and field complex in addition to the newly built indoor track facility. 
  • The university needed to enhance video across UWL’s campus and to introduce video into all classrooms for distance learning capabilities and enablement.  
  • UWL required a campus- wide voice system to replace an aging legacy PBX and to increase collaboration for both students and faculty. 

Why HBS? 

  • UWL trusted HBS because of our experience within the Higher Education  
  • HBS possesses expertise in video collaboration, network, and datacenter infrastructure. 
  • HBS has a trusting, long-standing relationship with UWL because of many successful implementations.  


  • HBS implemented a phased logical redesign, which involved the rollout of new hardware and security solutions along the way.  
  • HBS worked with the IT department along with facilities to create a design leveraging specialized antennas that HBS co-created for stadium applications and was the first to apply them in an outdoor setting. 
  • HBS implemented a highly redundant Cisco Voice solution to include a Contact Center for key departments to improve customer service and enrich the caller experience. Additionally, HBS assisted UWL’s IT department and campus security to implement a variety of security mechanisms, a mass notification system, and introduced lockdown capabilities to rapidly notify designated staff for enhanced campus safety and improve emergency notification times.  

Business Outcomes 

  • HBS has worked through several new construction designs and has been the key partner in the high-density wireless design throughout campus, including the dormitories.  
  • Since the implementation, the first state track and field event exceeded expectations and the deployment is becoming the gold standard for other similar outdoor event spaces.  
  • Leveraging Cisco video technologies, UWL offered remote learning as an option to students ahead of most. 
  • HBS is providing ongoing support for infrastructure and collaboration systems including managed services, staff augmentation availability, and support of new project implementation. 
  • HBS is currently engaged with UWL to provide consulting services to include strategic solution design and future state vision. 

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