Digital Signage

Display what matters most.

Around the globe, organizations from universities to retail stores, manufacturing facilities to corporate lobbies are using digital signage to create engaging information screens and interactive experiences that convey information to their employees and customers.

These organizations communicate messages, reinforce branding, display dynamic content like production and safety metrics or restaurant menus, and generally provide information efficiently with dynamic graphics interestingly displayed on screens throughout facilities. HBS offers powerful and flexible digital signage solutions that display messages to inform and influence your target audience.

Our dedicated team of designers, engineers, and experts will partner with you to fully understand and develop Digital Signage solutions tailored to your specific needs. With HBS and our industry-leading manufacturer-partner, Visix, you will receive support and integration services that other companies can't provide. With your new digital signage technology, you'll effectively connect your messages and brand to your employees and customers.

Digital Signage Benefits

Speed and Flexibility

Discover how easily your organization can display up-to-date information targeted to specific viewers across your entire network.

Influence Your Customers

Specifically target different audiences with real-time content, which is an efficient way to offer promotions to customers and drive sales.

Digital Signage Speaks Powerfully

Visual media is the most powerful way to convey your brand and message.

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Visix & HBS

HBS' Digital Signage partner Visix is the absolute leader in the industry.  Their innovative and constantly evolving and improving software is the most powerful and easy to learn and deploy.  And the process of getting started could not be easier.  From the personalized-for-you web-demo presentation to the implementation of your system, Visix and their team take ownership of your project.  And together with the HBS AV team, your installation will proceed smoothly.

Common Digital Signage Examples:

Lobby Display

A simple lobby display informs visitors about your company while displaying an inviting welcome message customized for a specific guest. Perhaps there is a separate zone for live cable news, along with a scrolling sports ticker-zone at the bottom of the screen.

Manufacturing Floor Display

A large display on the manufacturing floor displaying real-time production metrics in an easy-to-read graphical dashboard.

Kiosk Display

A 'Wayfinding' kiosk with an interactive touch-map of your campus, including a big red arrow to signify "You are here," to help your guests find their way.

Wall Display

An interactive wall display to honor and show the biographies of valued donors and contributors to a special project or building.


HBS delivers complete, local, end-to-end technology solutions backed by a large team of engineers and consultants available to assist with any technology need.

When you partner with HBS AV, you’ll feel like part of our team. Our AV Engineers work well and efficiently together. Many of the team have been together for nearly twenty years (they can practically finish each other's sentences).

Our team of AV Engineers will meet with you to discover what you need and provide a dedicated Project Manager who will coordinate the installation schedule and personally shepherd your project from the initial kickoff meeting to the close of the project. After installation we will provide final user-training. You’ll have a Lead Installation Technician who takes ownership of your project and assures a clean installation. Our Master Programmer will design the control system and the user-interface so intuitively you'll likely not need the comprehensive "Quick Reference Guide" created for your project.

Consult, Assess, and Design

The HBS AV Team will listen to your story to identify your pain-points, learn how you use your space, survey your existing equipment, and design the best solution for your needs and your budget. 

Customize and Implement

The HBS AV Team is not "set in their ways." They are agile and adaptive, always looking for better ways to design and implement the best solution for the project.

Manage and Support

The HBS AV Team can diagnose, repair, and, if necessary, rebuild existing AV systems installed by others.  We can also install a network appliance to facilitate remote access to your HBS-installed system, allowing firmware upgrades and adjustments to your system without the cost of an on-site service call.

"From business analysis to steady-state support, HBS was an invaluable strategic partner during our SharePoint implementation and key to the success of our project for our health agency."

Michael A. Yanez, IT Manager

DuPage County Health Department